Thursday, August 15, 2013

REVIEW: Breyers Real Fruit Toppings

After enjoying a few servings from my pint of Ben & Jerry’s Vanilla, I found myself looking for some of my own mix-ins to add to the equation. I immediately thought of the collection of Breyers toppings that I had sitting unused in my cabinet. Their Rainbow and Chocolate sprinkles hadn’t been half bad and I still top some of my ice cream with a few shakes of each. This time I decided to give their Real Fruit Toppings a shot.

I went through the three types in this particular order: Mixed Berry, Cherry and Strawberry. Each contained 45 calories per 2 tablespoon serving and made sure to let everyone know that these are made with “Real Fruit” and contain no high fructose corn syrup. Putting my distaste for Breyers ice cream aside, I went into this review trying to give their toppings a fair opportunity. With that said, it didn’t take long for me to find something negative to say. As soon as I opened the lid, the strange, lumpy, gelatinous mixture lacked the aesthetics of scoop-shop fruit toppings and it only went down hill from there. While the Mixed Berry was by far the worst, the cherry and strawberry weren’t much better. The mixed berry was far too tart, the cherry far too artificial, and the strawberry came off as a poor imitation of strawberry jam.

Mixed Berry
As you can see from the pictures, even when spooned directly over the top of the ice cream, the “real fruit topping” ended up pooling up around the sides and bottom, but ended up being beneficial considering it wasn't able to ruin the super-premium vanilla ice cream until the end. If you’re feeling in the mood for some fruit with your ice cream, I suggest heading towards the produce section for the real thing instead of this “real fruit topping”, whatever that means.


  1. Replies
    1. All three of these would definitely get an F.

  2. Hey,
    Thanks for sharing:)
    This will make a big change in taste.


  3. where i can buy from MALDIVES Region ????

    if i make the Order did you send by Air Cargo ?

    from Maldives

  4. I totally agree with you. These "real fruit" toppings are an absolute waste of time! The consistency was the absolute worst!!

  5. Wow such a bad review..... I've only had one- the cherry and LOVED it so much I could drink it (albeit thick)...!! Can't find it for sale local anymore.... :(

    1. I agree with you I loved it but why they don't make no more it was so good and I put it in my chocolate cake as fruit filling in the layers and dark forest cake ..I could drink it. love it


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