Thursday, October 1, 2015

REVIEW: Publix Premium White Chocolate Raspberry

White chocolate ice creams commonly do well with our review panel, so even though it seemed a bit out of place releasing a seemingly Valentine's Day themed ice cream at the end of the Summer, we had no choice but to scoop up this half gallon. Described as a white chocolate flavored ice cream & ribbons of raspberry sauce dotted with white chocolate raspberry-swirled chips, White Chocolate Raspberry sounded promising and unlike any other ice cream we've tried.

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's Brewed To Matter (Target Exclusive)

Along with the rebranded Ben & Jerry's A Swirled of Difference, we also picked up the other available Target Exclusive flavor we'd yet to review: Brewed To Matter. This mocha themed pint contains coffee ice cream with fudge chunks & a brownie batter swirl.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's Save Our Swirled

Ben & Jerry's has often teamed up with various organizations to push their own political interests, but this one seems like one that everyone can get behind. In an attempt to bring more attention to clean energy and how it alters the climate, we get Save Our Swirled: a raspberry ice cream with marshmallow & raspberry swirls & dark & white fudge ice cream cones.

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's A Swirled of Difference (Target Exclusive)

The pint seen above is somewhat of a mirage. While it appears that Target has once again teamed up with Ben & Jerry's for another exclusive flavor, this "new" A Swirled of Difference flavor is simply a renamed version of a flavor we've already had.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

READER REVIEW: Steve's Review of Blue Bell Cookies 'N Cream

After a several month absence due to the Listeria outbreak, Blue Bell ice cream is back on the shelves, but they are rolling product out slowly. For now, it is only being sold in central Alabama and the Houston area, and only in five flavors. As the ice cream has not yet returned to my south Louisiana domain, a business trip to Houston gave me an opportunity to taste my favorite brand after five long months without. Of the available flavors, Cookies and Cream seemed the most interesting, so I was happy to try out a tub, which I had never had before. Blue Bell claims to have invented this flavor, and describes Cookies and Cream as "creamy vanilla ice cream with tasty chunks of chocolate creme cookies". Of course this is a flavor now made by many ice cream companies, so I was eager to taste how Blue Bell's stacks up. Another goal was to see if there was evidence that Blue Bell's taste or mix-in quality had changed since being reintroduced.

Opening the lid, my first impression was ambivalent: The vanilla ice cream looked rather creamy, and more importantly, there was some evidence of the advertised cookie pieces. However, these pieces seemed to be more like flakes or shavings, rather than the promised "chunks". Since I prefer chunks, this didn't make me happy, though I held out hope that at least they would be tasty. At this point, I was disappointed, because I recalled that when the Ice Cream Informant posted his official review of this flavor, he lauded Blue Bell for providing a generous amount of the cookie mix-ins. Oh well, let's dig below the surface and see if things improve.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

REVIEW: Publix Premium Pumpkin Pie (2015 Limited Edition)

With a new Publix super-market nearby, I've made it a priority to try out most of their limited edition, creative combinations. Even though it's only September, Publix wasted no time releasing a carton we've seen before -- Pumpkin Pie. We'd previously reviewed this combination of pumpkin pie-flavored ice cream with swirls of whipped cream ribbon and buttery pie crust pieces in 2012, so it was time for a re-scoop. It didn't take long to get right back into the swing of fall spices as we looked at the first layer.

Friday, September 18, 2015

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core

The pint seen above, Spectacular Speculoos Cookie Core, was the last of the core themed flavors from Ben & Jerry's that remained on our "To Be Eaten" list. It seems that speculoos is all the rage today, and not just in cookie form. The fad has also spread out to speculoos cookie flavored butters. Vermont's Finest utilizes both by combining dark caramel & vanilla ice creams with speculoos cookies & a speculoos cookie butter core. Haagen Dazs essentially beat Ben & Jerry's to the speculoos punch with their Spiced Caramel Biscuit limited edition flavor a few seasons ago, so we were looking forward to seeing this version stacked up.

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