Monday, November 23, 2015

REVIEW: Front Porch Caroline's Coffee & Caramel

Back a few years ago we made our way through the entirety of the introductory lineup from Front Porch. Since then, they've added even more southern-inspired creations to their list of available flavors and some have shown up in stores in my area. The one I immediately gravitated towards was Caroline's Coffee & Caramel. Their website reads, "Coffee ice cream, brownies and caramel all mixed together into one delectable dessert! Sounds like the ingredients for a proper Southern afternoon get together on the front porch."

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Ben & Jerry's Pumpkin Cheesecake

I was at Walmart and I was browsing the ice cream aisle. I saw a "Limited Batch" flavor of Pumpkin Cheesecake. Tis the season, I guess! I'm usually not the biggest pumpkin flavored type kind of guy, but this pint peaked my interest and I decided to check it out. It's described as "Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream with a Graham Cracker Swirl". Sounded simple enough and I decided to purchase it and try it out.

I took the lid off the pint and noticed the tan color of the base. I took a bite and was pleasantly surprised. Like I said before, I'm not the biggest pumpkin flavored fan, but this ice cream base was delicious. At first it tasted like a regular pumpkin pie, but then as I let it melt a little more, I caught the cheesecake part of it. You could pick out the distinct sour cream "tang". The graham cracker swirl was mixed throughout, and it worked perfectly. It gave just enough grit and texture to break up the rich ice cream base and it was full of buttery, sweet graham cracker goodness. I mowed through the pint pretty quick.

Friday, November 13, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Three Twins Cookies & Cream

It had been awhile since I had some Three Twins! Their first two flavors I had tried (Sea Salted Caramel and Lemon Cookie) were awesome! Especially the Lemon Cookie! I was at my local Fry's today and saw that they had a few flavors available. I decided to go with the Cookies and Cream flavor. It is described as "Scrumptious Cookies in a Madagascar Vanilla Base". Sounded simple and delicious!

I took the pint home and took the lid off the pint. I could see one decent sized piece of cookie peeking through the top, as well as a bunch of specks of cookie pieces. I took a bite and was pretty happy with what I had encountered. Three Twins uses all organic items, so the taste of their ice cream is very "fresh and natural". It's not as creamy as something with "fillers" from most ice cream manufacturers, but it is plenty smooth and incredibly tasty for minimal ingredients. The whole pint clocks in at only 840 Calories. The vanilla base was good! The cookies were great! Just like the Lemon Cookie pint, the cookies are the star of the show! The cookies are just sweet enough plus they have a great texture. They aren't dry and crisp, but they aren't soggy either. Somewhere in the middle. Really good sandwich cookies!

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Talenti Double Dark Chocolate

I've been on more of an ice cream kick lately, and I had a couple of coupons for Talenti products. I've had some Talenti Gelatos in the past and it has been kind of a mixed bag. There are certain ones that are really good, then there are certain ones that I would never buy again. There wasn't a whole lot of selection left at my Fry's because they had Talenti on sale for $2.77 a pint all week! I decided to try out the "Double Dark Chocolate". This flavor is described as "Dark chocolate gelato blended with semisweet Belgian Callebaut chocolate morsels and just a tish of vermouth. Is it possible to have a crush on a frozen dessert?". Sounded decent enough.

I took the pint home and opened it up. The pint I had received may have been melted previously and then refrozen? There was gelato all over the side of the pint and it looked like the gelato may have expanded and then contracted back. As long as it tasted good, I didn't really care. I took a bite in and encountered a whole bunch of chocolate chips. The gelato itself was nice and creamy and the chocolate chips added a nice texture. After a few bites though, I lost interest in the flavor. It kept reminding me of eating handfuls of chocolate chips while helping my mom make cookies back in the day. The gelato chocolate and the chocolate chips were 2 different chocolate flavors, but they kind of bled into each other. I finished the pint, but was bored at the end.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

READER REVIEW: Elliot's Review of McConnell’s Whiskey & Pecan Pralines

I had occasion to try a new flavor from McConnell’s: Whiskey & Pecan Pralines. This pint is emerging as a regular in their rotation, with more widespread availability spring of 2016.

The package has this to say: Central Coast milk & cream spiked with rich, mouth-coating, smoky ‘n spicy Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. Fold-in legendary Mascot Pecan’s® buttery, salt-roasted ‘n caramel-coated pecans, and it’s pure punch-you-in-the-gut meets kiss-you-in-the-rain deliciousness.

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Coolhaus Im Pei-Nut Butter

I was at my local Fry's and I decided that I wanted some ice cream. I really didn't want to buy a pint, but I also wanted more than those little $1.00 cups. I was looking in the specialty type section, and I came across some Coolhaus products and they were all on sale this week! I decided to go with the Im Pei-Nut Butter ice cream sandwich. It is described as "Double Chocolate Chip Cookie + Peanut Butter Ice Cream".

I took this thing out to my car and dug in! I unwrapped this beast and noticed that it had some nice fudgy looking cookies as well as a nice thick layer of smooth peanut butter ice cream. The cookies themselves were almost like brownies! They were nice and soft and full of rich, dark chocolate flavors. They were pretty messy and started to stick to my fingers. That didn't bother me one bit though. They were easy to bite through, and once I did, I got to the peanut butter base of the sandwich. This was delicious! It reminded me of eating some smooth peanut butter right out of the jar. It was great! I finished the sandwich pretty quick.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

REVIEW: Talenti Pumpkin Pie

I've been able to resist the pumpkin-infused craze for the most part this year, but couldn't fathom not trying Talenti's Pumpkin Pie Gelato. This version is, "Made with real pumpkin, bits of piecrust, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg, this gelato is pumpkin reaching its highest potential. Congratulations, pumpkin." With a description like that, Talenti seems to have this frozen pumpkin pie idea down-packed.

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