Friday, October 31, 2014

READER REVIEW: Elliot's Review of Coolhaus "Eric Owen Moss-Carpone" Balsamic Gif & Mascarapone

Balsamic Fig Mascarpone aka "Eric Owen-meal Moss-carpone" was the first prepackaged Coolhaus pint I got my hands on when it became available locally over the summer. The brand's creative flavors and marketing style are very inviting, and I was excited to give their products a try.

Once the slow melting base breaks down, the mild yet potent mascarpone flavor shines through . Ribbons of sweet, tangy balsamic glazed figs are skillfully and somewhat sparsely interwoven throughout the impressively smooth base.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

REVIEW: Greenfield Sticky Pecan (Sticky Bun)

After an impressive introduction to Greenfield Ice Cream Company with their PB 'n Chip, PistachioCinnamon flavors, we were ready to review some more from this New York based creamery. "Imagine if you can, rich vanilla ice cream with lots of candied pecans and a cinnamon swirl with Crown Maple Syrup drizzled throughout." That sentence alone from Greenfield's website left no doubt as to which flavor we'd be trying first when our latest order arrived. Donning the authentic Crown Maple seal, Sticky Pecan (or Sticky Bun as listed on their website) is inspired by one of our favorite pastries and looks like it can live up to the hype after lifting off the lid.

READER REVIEW: Elliot's Review of McConnell's Olive Oil & Salted Almonds

Ever since McConnell's became available locally I've been on a mission to try as many of their ultra-premium pints as possible, and inspired to learn as much as possible about their product and process. The predominant approach taken by companies in the ice cream industry is to create buzz through the use of catch phrases, fancy packaging and clever marketing. It is increasingly important to me to try to see past that by looking under the hood at more objective measures whenever such information is made available. The folks at McConnell's are very open about their process and their products.

Olive Oil and Salted Almonds features ingredients entirely from the central coast of California. The Olive Oil is from an Arbequina Olive orchard in the Santa Ynez Valley. Arbequina is a Spanish olive cultivar - very fruit-forward, tropical and not peppery, and as I found, great for ice cream. The almonds come from a nearby orchard, making it a local, Santa Barbara flavor. I hadn’t experienced creamy until I tried this stuff. The Olive Oil and sweet cream base was tremendously rich without being at all greasy. The Olive Oil taste was fruity and tangy, not overpowering, and most noticeable to me on the back end of each bite. The salt roasted almonds balance out the impossibly creamy, fragrant, olive oil tinged base.

Monday, October 27, 2014

REVIEW: Coolhaus Coffee Peter Cook-ies Ice Cream Bars

While we've only scratched the surface of Coolhaus and their impressive lineup up novelty items. Practically all of the ice cream sandwiches received top markings so we had high hopes for their ice cream bars as well. While there were a few different variations available, we couldn't pass up on the Coffee Peter Cook-ies. After reading the description of ice cream dipped in salted milk chocolate and crushed chocolate cookies (Oreos to be exact), three bars in the box didn't seem like nearly enough.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

READER REVIEW: Elliot's Review of Oberweis Birthday Cake

We were excited to find a couple flavors of Oberweis we'd been eager to try, including Birthday Cake, on sale last week at a local grocery. Living with a cake and icing connoisseur, I accepted the fact that I was second in line to try this flavor and eagerly awaited our resident expert's opinion.

Oberweis is a regional brand based out of the Chicago area that has been around for 99 years. Oberweis describes their ice cream as "produced with fresh milk and cream delivered from the family-owned dairy farms that produce exclusively for Oberweis Dairy. Oberweis Ice Cream is Made with a minimum of 18% Butterfat making it a much richer product than many of the so-called super premium national brands". Some purveyors tout artisan techniques, all "natural" ingredients, even fair trade practices. Well, Oberweis is proud to say that if their base had any more fat it would churn into butter. Our base has more fat than the others. For a lover of rich, high butterfat ice cream like me this is just my speed.

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