Wednesday, April 29, 2015

NEWS: Dairy Queen Reintroduces the Cotton Candy Blizzard for Summer 2015

For those of you who enjoy cotton candy themed ice creams, Dairy Queen's latest announcement should excite you. Much like the S'mores Blizzard of last year, this year they'll be introducing a new summer staple: "The Cotton Candy Blizzard treat is back. And it's all because of you. Voted back by our Fans as part of the Best Blizzard Menu Ever, we're bringing back that amazing Cotton Candy flavor and blending it with our creamy vanilla soft serve. Head to your DQ for the return of the Cotton Candy Blizzard treat, available now for a limited time!"

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Steve's Strawberry Ricotta

I had only heard of Steve's ice cream via this very website, but I had never tried it until tonight. Ice cream is my favorite food, and I like trying out new brands that I am unfamiliar with. I sent an email off to Steve's asking for a sample of their product and Amanda was kind enough to send me a coupon to try out their ice cream. I live out in Arizona and I would soon find out that Steve's is hard to find out here in the land of the sun! I pulled up their store locator and found that they sell it at a store close to where I work (AJ's Fine Foods). I headed down there after work, picked up a couple of pints (I also purchased Bklyn coming soon, once I eat it) and brought everything home. I really liked the plastic pints they package their stuff in.

Steve's Strawberry Ricotta is described as "Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Swirled with Ricotta". Steve's strawberry ice cream consists of whole milk, cream, organic sugar and strawberry puree. Throw in a bit of Salvatore BKLYN ricotta cheese, and you have yourself a magical pint!

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Ben & Jerry's Salted Caramel Core

I'm becoming a big fan of Ben and Jerry's "Core" offerings (minus the Speculoos one). I decided to pick up the Salted Caramel Core one today. It is described as "Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Blonde Brownies & a Salted Caramel Core". It sounded delicious and was a pretty easy choice. I took it home and dug in.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

NEWS: Jeni's The Latest To Fall Victim To Listeria Outbreak -- Recalls All Products, Closes Scoop Shops

Jeni's is the latest ice cream company to fall victim to Listeria contamination. Here's what Jeni's had to say about things:

Visit the following link for complete information on the recall: CLICK HERE

Need some ice cream suggestions? Click on what component you're craving for further assistance!

Almonds (18) Apple (13) Bacon (2) Banana (27) Beer (1) Beignets (1) Biscotti (1) Black Raspberry (11) Blackberry (9) Blueberry (14) Bourbon (7) Brandy (1) Bread Pudding (1) Brittle (8) Brownies (58) Butter (18) Butterscotch (12) Cake (74) Cake Batter (25) Caramel (162) Cardamom (5) Carrot Cake (1) Cayenne (2) Chai Tea (2) Cheesecake (34) Cherry (21) Chicory (1) Chocolate (315) Chocolate Chip Cookies (34) Chocolate Chips (97) Chocolate Ganache (5) Churros (1) Cinnamon (51) Cinnamon Buns (6) Cobbler (7) Coconut (32) Coffee (47) Cookie Dough (46) Cookies (137) Cotton Candy (4) Cranberries (2) Cream Cheese (39) Cupcake (2) Custard (4) Donuts (7) Dulce De Leche (2) Eggnog (6) Fig (3) French Toast (1) Frosting (4) Fudge Chunks (78) Fudge Sauce (51) Gelato (45) Ginger (5) Gingerbread (5) Graham Cracker (43) Greek Yogurt (7) Green Tea (1) Honey (10) Icing (34) Irish Coffee (2) Jam (14) Key Lime (11) Lady Fingers (7) Lemon (10) Macadamia (2) Macaroons (2) Malt (8) Malt Balls (5) Maple Syrup (4) Marshmallow (41) Mascarpone (14) Meringue (4) Mint (36) Nougat (9) Nuts (74) Oranges (3) Oreos (18) Peach (10) Peanut Butter (107) Peanut Butter Cups (31) Pear (2) Pecans (33) Pie (58) Pie Crust (58) Pineapples (8) Pistachio (7) Pomegranate (1) Pralines (17) Pretzels (20) Pudding (11) Pumpkin (31) Raisins (3) Raspberry (33) Red Velvet (15) Ricotta (2) Rum (6) Salty (80) Satsuma (1) Shortbread (6) Speculoos (2) Sprinkles (20) Strawberry (34) Struesel (5) Sweet Cream (16) Sweet Potatoes (2) Sweet Tea (1) Tiramisu (8) Toffee (15) Truffles (27) Vanilla (179) Vanilla Wafers (9) Waffle Cones (7) Waffles (2) Walnuts (6) Whipped Cream (25) Whiskey (3) White Chocolate (22)