Thursday, May 2, 2013

REVIEW: Talenti Sea Salt Caramel Gelato Pop

After many failed attempts at securing some of Talenti’s new Gelato Pops, a recent trip to Publix left me looking at boxes of both flavors: Sea Salt Caramel and Double Dark Chocolate. Although I’m sure the Double Dark Chocolate Pops are perfectly fine, the decision to secure the Sea Salt Caramel variation was an easy one. Their Sea Salt Caramel gelato remains one of my favorite frozen treats, but the thought of the same stuff being dipped in rich dark chocolate tempted me to rip open the box right then and there. Talenti’s official description reads a rich, golden Argentine caramel base brought to life with Fleur De Sel sea salt, ‘the caviar of salt’ and paired with a rich, dark chocolate shell to complete this masterpiece. Even without the assistance of chocolate covered sea salt truffles, I predict these pops to have no problem winning me over.

With three bars to a box and only 170 calories per bar, a Talenti Gelato Pop should be a cinch to fit into anyone’s daily diet. These come tightly wrapped in a silver and gold metallic wrapper and bear the Talenti logo on the wooden stick. Once removed from the packaging these appear much smaller than some of the other bars I’ve reviewed, but my excitement remains undaunted. My first bite results in an audible crack of the dark chocolate coating followed by the familiar feel of Talenti’s velvety gelato. This thick outer shell melts down slowly, enveloping every taste bud with the rich, floral flavors of dark cocoa that coats the inside of my mouth even after fully dissolving away.

The robust nature of the dark chocolate is only matched by the rich, creamy consistency of Talenti’s Sea Salt Caramel gelato inside. The combination of flavors when both are enjoyed together provide much of the same effect as that of their pints; even with the exclusion of chocolate covered sea salt truffles. Although the chocolate and caramel overpower the saltiness for the most part, the overall taste remains top-notch. If you run across any of these petite gelato pops, I suggest snagging a box of the Sea Salt Caramel.

Where I Found It: Publix
Grade: A

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