Saturday, May 11, 2013

REVIEW: Steve's Blackberry Honey

Following my first few encounters with Steve’s Ice Cream, I figured if I were ever going to enjoy a non-dairy dessert, this Brooklyn-based brand would be the one to win me over. The other pints contained in my shipment were all chock full of incredible ingredients swirled with their super-premium ice cream, so after reading the description of Blackberry Honey, I remained skeptical that this could live up to the others. The simple summary of blackberry swirled with wildflower honey is further expanded upon on the back of the carton: tart and sweet blackberry coconut crème made with fresh berries and swirled with a delicate ribbon of aromatic wildflower honey. At first glance, the view through the transparent pint is perhaps the most aesthetically pleasing of them all and proudly displays the beautiful, bright purple base and large concentrations of golden honey through the plastic.

Considering this was the first non-dairy frozen dessert I’d be reviewing, I took a closer look at the ingredients list than I normally would. It’s surprising to see that this still contains 210 calories per serving despite the first five ingredients being filtered water, coconut cream, organic agave, organic sugar and safflower oil. As soon as I open the top, I draw in a deep breath through my nose to savor the unbelievable scent of the wildflower honey. Aromatics are usually blanketed by the frozen nature of ice cream, but the cold temperature does little to hide the fragrance flowing out of this pint. Although the fuchsia-colored first layer is a little softer than Steve’s standard ice cream, the blackberry base retains an above average texture; especially considering there is no cream or milk involved. It remains smooth, creamy and the leftover blackberry seeds gave it an interesting texture.

Even though coconut cream was second on the list of ingredients, the taste can’t manage to break through the boldness of the blackberries; but still enhances the overall feel. The texture is enhanced even further when the wildflower honey came into play. This sticky swirl coats the outside of the carton, cuts in between layers along the way, pairs wonderfully with the blackberries and is the highlight of this pint. The fresh, bright flavors provided by Steve’s Blackberry Honey wasn’t quite up to par with their full-bodied, diary options; but it’s not far behind either.

Where I Found It: Steve's Ice Cream Online Store
Grade: B

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