Wednesday, January 2, 2013

NEWS: The Front Porch New Year Giveaway!

Front Porch has been kind enough to sponsor a giveaway to usher in the New Year with a few prizes. On January 15th, I'll be giving away two free coupons for a free pint of Front Porch, a Front Porch magnet with a half off coupon and an engraved ice cream scoop. Although based in the Carolinas, Front Porch products can be found all over the Southeast United States (North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia, Georgia, and Tennessee). You can check the local availability by going to their "Find Front Porch" page. If Front Porch ice cream isn't available in your area, you can still enter to win the engraved ice cream scoop. I use mine all the time.

The rules are simple:
  • Comment on this post with your favorite Front Porch flavor (or if you haven't had any, what you think would be your favorite) as well as a valid email or Twitter handle (so I can email or Direct Message you if you're the lucky winner).
  • Entries are cut off on January 14th at 11:59PM.
  • At that time I'll randomly select the four winners who will receive one of the four prizes.
  • If you feel so inclined to write a review and send me some photos, I'd love to feature reviews from the two winners of the free pints (or even how you're going to use the ice cream scoop).

Happy New Year from the Ice Cream Informant and Front Porch!


  1. Banana pudding is my fave!

  2. So far, I'm really digging the Blackberry Crumble. I'm not usually partial to fruit flavored ice creams, but this is really good.

  3. Chocolate Rocker sounds awesome.. Never tried it

  4. i haven't tried any but chocolate rocker sounds delicious! i'd love to try it.

  5. Hey Chad. I'd like to try Nana's Banana Pudding.

  6. Being a chocolate lover, I would love to try the Chocolate Rocker.

  7. It's a hard choice between Scarlett Red Velvet and Praline Coastal Crunch but I would have to go with Scarlett Red Velvet!

  8. Praline Coastal Crunch for me

    1. Whoops...and my email is

  9. nana's banana pudding sounds great but i haven't tried it yet!

  10. I don't live in the area, but I would love the ice cream scoop. Twitter: @JoeLevin12


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