Tuesday, October 16, 2012

REVIEW: Edy's Pumpkin (Limited Edition)

Seeing as how I've been on a pumpkin ice cream tasting spree as of late, it made sense to not only introduce Edy's to the blog, but also to add their limited edition Pumpkin flavor to the growing list of Fall-inspired offerings. I've tended to steer clear of the Edy's brand, mostly because of the surprisingly low calorie count in most of their ice creams. I've become biased towards the super-premium brands such as Graeter's, Jeni's and New Orleans Ice Cream Company, but when pumpkin is involved I'm willing to branch out a bit.

With the bright orange top removed, this base only ice cream is suprisingly plain looking, lacking the pumpkin hue that the images on the carton had insinuated. On their website, Edy's urges it's customers to, "celebrate the season with a scoop of rich and creamy pumpkin delight." The lack of excitement aesthetically has me worried, but I've yet to find a pumpkin flavor that didn't receive a recommendation. With the lack of mix-ins, it seems Edy's has taken a similar strategy to that of Graeter's limited edition Pumpkin.

As I scoop the ice cream out of the carton and into a bowl, it parts easily for the point of my spoon, displaying the pliability of other low calorie options. Unfortunately, most flavors that have this characteristic usually have a gummy, artificial feel as well, but after taking my first bite, this worry is put at bay. Edy's has created an impressive consistency for an ice cream only containing 130 calories per serving. The fluffy feel lingers on my tongue much longer than I had anticipated.

But the overall taste was what won me over. Although they share the same approach for pumpkin as Graeter's, they've added a lot more sugar to their version. Rather than targeting the filling itself, it seems Edy's has tried to capture the overall taste of pumpkin pie in their limited edition flavor. It's not overly spiced, but instead has a nice overall balance. Of course I would have loved to have seen some mix-ins, but at such a low calorie count it's hard to be picky. This went great with a slice of the real stuff.

Where I Found It: Ingles Markets
Grade: C

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