Friday, January 6, 2017

READER REVIEW: Stephanie's Review of Jeni's Thai Pumpkin Curry

Feeling lazy and glutinous on this chilly, drizzly fall day, I decided it was finally time to try the fall ice cream flavor I had been most coveting this year – Jeni's Thai Curry Pumpkin. When my dear friend Kyle sent me the Jeni's webpage listing their new flavors, I was blown away by all of the descriptions. But as a diehard fan of the spicy and sweet combination, with a hearty appreciation for seasonal pumpkin flavored treats, I was all atwitter with anticipation of trying what sounded like a truly delectable twist on the classic pumpkin ice cream.

Upon opening the pint, I observed Jeni's usual flawless texture. Fluffy, creamy, just enough air and nary an ice crystal in sight. Within milliseconds of the first spoonful coming in contact with my tongue, I was caught completely off guard by the overwhelming strength of the curry spices. They were true to flavors in a Thai curry dish – spicy, strong, earthy. The pumpkin flavor was genuine as well, but overshadowed by the intensity and bitter aftertaste of the curry. Though I usually enjoy a little bitterness or spice to offset a sweet flavor, particularly in ice creams with a non-chocolate base, the flavor in Thai Pumpkin Curry was simply too savory for me to enjoy in a dessert.

To be fair, I don’t know if this could have been done in a more delicious way while retaining its precise accuracies in flavor. This ice cream is certainly a creative twist on the usual spice profile accompanying the pumpkin flavored delicacies that decorate each fall season. It may be worth trying for its sheer uniqueness, but I could only imbibe in a small amount. I’m now a believer that true curry is best enjoyed in a dinner and not a dessert. Is it unique? Yes. Novel? Yes. Does it demonstrate a true commitment to the flavors in its name? Yes. But for this reader, the answer to the most important question – is it enjoyable? – was a resounding no.

Where Stephanie Found It: Health Living (South Burlington, VT)
Stephanie's Grade: B


  1. The additional pumpkin flavor was good in ice cream. Thank you for this review. :)

    - gustavo woltmann

  2. This blog is almost dead. Kinda sad as this was one of the two premier ice creak blogs back in the day. This and OSS. I think the owner of this one lost interest in making new reviews and so it withered.


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