Tuesday, November 29, 2016

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Tillamook Double Peanut Butter

After trying out some of Tillamook's seasonal flavors earlier in the month, I decided to head back and try one of their pints I hadn't tried out before. I was browsing my local Bashas and they had the Tillamook pints on sale for 3/$10. I decided to go with their Double Peanut Butter option. This ice cream is described as, "Silky peanut butter ice cream and creamy peanut butter sauce topped with tasty salted peanuts". Sounded like a peanut butter lovers dream!

I got the pint home and took off the lid. I have said it before, and I'll say it again. I really enjoy the containers that their pints come in. They are a bendable plastic pint with a plastic lid, and underneath the lid there is a tin foil top, too. Keeps the ice cream nice and fresh! I took off the lid and noticed the peanut butter sauce and the nice amount of peanuts on top. I took a bite into the peanuts first, and was impressed. They reminded me of the peanuts on top of McDonald's sundaes (both in taste, look, and texture). The only negative thing about this pint was the amount of peanuts. They were all on top of the pint in one clump. I kind of wished they were layered throughout, but even with them only being on top, as you will see, it didn't really hamper my enjoyment of the pint! I got some of the hardened peanut butter sauce and a decent scoop of the peanut butter ice cream. Wow! It really was a peanut butter lovers dream come true! The peanut butter ice cream was so incredibly smooth and rich! As far as base flavors, this was right up there with it being one of the best I have ever had from Tillamook. The "peanut sauce" was fantastic, too! It was a bit thinner than an actual peanut butter swirl, but thicker than a drizzly peanut butter topping (if that makes sense?). It was nice and smooth and provided great texture! It had nice layer on top of the pint, as well as a nice layer right in the middle, too! I happily made my way through the pint, and actually wanted more!

Overall, this may have been my favorite "pint" of Tillamook ice cream I have had (it's right up there with their Stumptown Coffee flavor!)! It was fantastic! The peanut butter ice cream was so incredibly smooth and delicious and paired with that swirled, peanut butter sauce, it made this pint really awesome! I will 100% buy this flavor again and it was one of, if not the best peanut butter flavored ice cream I have come across! If you love peanut butter, this pint is right up your alley!

Where Timothy Found It: Bashas
Timothy's Grade: A


  1. It was both crunchy and creamy.The silky peanut butter ice cream is both swirled with rich peanut butter sauce and studded with salty peanuts.I loved it.
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  2. Got so busy looking for help in solving equations for my thesis. Now for my break i'm gonna try this one out. There this Tillamook in a few blocks from here so im off. Thanks for reminding!

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