Monday, October 17, 2016

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Tillamook Pumpkin Cookie Butter

Thanks to a low carb diet, the ice cream consumption has been pretty rare over the past few months. About a week back, I received an email from my friend Becky at Tillamook regarding their new Seasonal Flavors. She wanted to send them to me to sample. If you are going to break a low carb diet, might as well do it with some Tillamook ice cream! I came home Tuesday to find a box on my porch. Included in this box were 2 flavors. Pumpkin Cookie Butter, and White Chocolate Peppermint Bark.

I decided to try out the Pumpkin Cookie Butter first. This flavor is described as “Spiced pumpkin ice cream swirled with speculoos cookie pieces”. When my wife first saw this, she was incredibly excited. She is all about the holiday “pumpkin spice” type items. We opened this container and noticed the light brown base. I could see a few tiny pieces of cookies just below the surface. I took a bite in and was kind of overwhelmed. The pumpkin spice flavor was really, really strong. It put me off at first, but after eating a few more bites, it got better. Tillamook ice cream is always incredibly smooth, and this was in the same boat. I eventually got to the little cookie pieces. They were swirled in throughout the ice cream. They were very soft and provided a decent texture. I just wish that there were more of them. I made my way through my two scoops and that was plenty for me.

Overall, I thought this flavor was just ok. I’m not the biggest pumpkin fan out there, so this didn’t have the best chance of impressing me right from the get go. My wife, who is a huge pumpkin fan, noted that, “It feels like this flavor should be in something hot. It doesn’t really work that great for ice cream”. I will say, that the more I ate of it, the pumpkin/spice flavor became less noticeable on my palate and became more enjoyable. Once you cut past that initial strong flavoring, the smooth creamy Tillamook ice cream is always a pleasure to eat. I think that this flavor would do better as a pint, instead of a quart/half gallon. I can’t see eating a whole quart/half gallon of this stuff. If you are a super pumpkin fan, this might be right up your alley. If you are just a casual pumpkin fan, you may not be too impressed. As with most of my C rated flavors, I would eat this again (only around holiday time and maybe only one scoop), but would not purchase it.

Where Timothy Found It:
Timothy's Grade: C

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  1. I had this the other day and had to throw it out because it was so bad. Got it at QFC, maybe it was a bad batch, but it tasted very foul, and I'm a fan of pumpkin icecream!


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