Monday, July 25, 2016

READER REVIEW: Steve's Review of Blue Bell Cookie Two Step

It's been almost a year since Blue Bell returned to the market, and to longtime fans like myself, one of the disappointments has been the very slow pace of flavor introductions. Blue Bell, once famous for making many crazy and exotic flavors, has stuck to the basics and has been slow to release any new flavors at all in recent months. So I was happy to see the announcement that Cookie Two-Step would be entering the market. While this flavor is billed as a combination of their cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors, it at least indicates a tentative step towards expanding the product line. So how does this flavor taste?

Any time two existing flavors are combined, the hope is that the whole will be greater than the combination of the parts. In this case, this could happen in one of two ways. First, Cookie Two-Step might contain the same amount of cookie chunks and cookie dough pieces found in the two parent ice creams. This would mean we are drowning in a plethora of mix-ins that far exceeds what is found in either of them. So 2+2 = 4! Or conversely, maybe Cookie Two-Step contains only half the amount of cookie chunks and cookie dough found in the parent ice creams, but there is a synergy that occurs when chunks and dough combine in the mouth that creates a taste superior to either alone. In this case 2 x 2 = 4! Either way, we win with a flavor better than either parent.

Digging through the ice cream, which is essentially the cookies and cream base, tasty enough as it is, what I found was that we get fewer cookie dough pieces and fewer cookie chunks than in the respective parent ice creams. Now, on the one hand, this means we still get a LOT of mix-ins. Collectively, there are a whole lot of chunks and pieces, such that you really can't eat a spoonful without getting one or the other. But sadly, we don't get any combination effects either. The cookie chunks and dough pieces do not combine to create any kind of superior synergistic flavor. They just are what they are. In the case Cookie Two-Step, 1 + 1 = 2, no better than either parent flavor.

That said, I would remind you that the parent ice creams are both pretty good, better than average. So in the end, Cookie Two-Step earns what they earned from me, a "B".

Where Steve Found It: Walmart (Baton Rouge, LA)
Steve's Grade: B


  1. I haven't try Blue Bell Ice cream yet but my colleagues from research paper writer help have been talking about it and describe the ice cream as something worth trying.

    1. Sol, i would recommend giving BB ice cream a chance. It is worth trying. :)

  2. Very interesting blog. Many blogs I see these days do not really provide anything that attract others, but I am most definitely interested in this one.very gradual pace of flavor introductions. Blue Bell, once famous for making many crazy and wonderful flavors, has caught to the basics and has been gradual to launch any new flavors in any respect in recent months. So i was glad to look the statement that Cookie -Step would be getting into the market. I'm working in The professional cv writing service at the same time as this flavor is billed as a mixture of their cookies and cream and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors.


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