Tuesday, April 19, 2016

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Tillamook Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee

So, I am making my way through the 4 pints I acquired, and the next one up was the Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee. This flavor is described as, "Silky-smooth ice cream blended with Stumptown Cold Brew Coffee for the ultimate coffee lover." I am a big fan of coffee ice cream, and this sounded right up my alley. Here is how it was.........

I took the lid off the pint and noticed the light brown base. Tillamook touts this ice cream as "extra creamy ice cream". They aren't lying about that! My first bite in, I loved the smooth texture of this ice cream on my tongue! It kind of had the same texture as their gelato products, but this might have been even more smooth. It was almost like eating a soft serve type custard! The incredible coffee flavor immediately hit my taste buds, and it was mighty fine! I could definitely see why, too. Tillamook partnered with Stumptown Coffee Roasters! Stumptown is a Portland based coffee roaster that makes its cold brew coffee without heat, steeping it for over 12 hours until its smooth and sweet. This pint is very "basic" looking with no coffee ground flecks, no mix ins etc, but don't let that mislead you. This pint is pretty much just pure goodness of coffee flavored ice cream. This flavor was excellent! I mowed through this pint in record time.

Overall, I thought this was the best Tillamook pint I have had! Hell, it may have been the best Tillamook ice cream product I have ever had (Their regular peanut butter and chocolate in the half gallon is hard to beat though, and is definitely my favorite of their half gallon varieties)! I absolutely loved this flavor and its simplicity. High quality ingredients partnered with an amazing local coffee roaster = one awesome pint! Definitely one of, if not the best coffee ice creams I have ever had! I will definitely buy this one over and over again. If you are a fan of coffee ice cream, you owe it to yourself to go pick up a pint, too!

Where Timothy Found It: Online Delivery
Timothy's Grade: A

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  1. Please forgive me if I completely missed this detail; but where exactly online were you able to order the Tillamook pints? I would love to be able to order them, since I can't purchase them locally. Thanks in advance!


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