Monday, April 18, 2016

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Tillamook California Pistachio

I had recently seen that they started selling Tillamook products in pint sized containers! I was extremely excited since Tillamook is one of my favorite brands of dairy products. I was able to get my hands on 4 pints of their new flavors (Thank you, Becky!). The first one I decided to try was the California Pistachio Farmstyle Gelato. This product is described as, "Creamy, nutty and truly indulgent pistachio gelato with the perfect hint of sea salt." Sounded great! here is how it was............

First off, I would like to say how much I enjoy the new pints. They are in a plastic container and are double sealed. They have the lid on top, and then a pull off tin foil cover, too. Great way to insure freshness! So....I took off the lid and noticed the greenish yellow tint and a whole bunch of little speckles. I dug in and took a bite. First impression was a positive one. The gelato is super duper creamy and had a great feeling on the tongue and in the mouth. The pistachio flavor is a bit subtle at first, but once you let it dissolve in your mouth, it tastes exactly like the aftertaste of eating a handful of pistachios! I was a little bit surprised that this pint did not have any actual nuts in it (never had a pistachio ice cream without nuts in it before), but it was delicious even without. The sea salt was a nice touch, too. This pint almost reminded me of a good sea salt caramel ice cream but replace the caramel with pistachios. I finished about half the pint and wanted to save some for later.

Overall, I liked this pint a lot. It was definitely one of the better pistachio flavored ice creams I have had in quite some time. Even with the lack of nuts, the great smooth texture, the hint of the sea salt, and the aftertaste of delicious pistachios make this a pint I would buy again.

Where Timothy Found It: Online Delivery
Timothy's Grade: B

1 comment:

  1. I really wanted to like this gelato as pistachio is one of my favorites. The local QFC had it on sale, and I was so happy to find a pistachio gelato without any artificial color/flavor. But my experience (or batch) was far less stellar than yours :-( (I read your review after I tried the gelato.)

    There was no pleasant pistachio taste in any spoonful. It was just a sweet, bland "vanilla" frozen custard. Tillamook's option of using pistachio "butter" rather than including pistachio nuts appears to be an economic shortcut rather than a culinary esthetic.


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