Monday, April 18, 2016

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Tillamook Chocolate Covered Strawberry

After a mighty fine pint of Tillamook's California Pistachio ice cream, I decided that I would try out their Chocolate Covered Strawberry pint, next (No, I did not eat 2 pints of ice cream in a row...I ate this one the following day lol). Chocolate Covered Strawberry is described as, "Sweet mascarpone gelato with Oregon strawberry sauce and dark chocolate fudge pieces." Sounded like another tasty flavor. Here is how it was..........

I removed the lid of the pint and was bombarded with a beautiful sight of tons of chocolate chips, a nice white base, and even some strawberry sauce around the edges. At first, I thought this pint might have been a mistake and had been layered all wrong where everything rose to the top. As you will see later, this was not the case. This was just a nice "showcase" of said ingredients to come! I took a bite of the chocolate chips first. They were nice and crunchy and had a decent chocolate flavor. The problem with that first bite was that all I could taste was chocolate chips. I didn't even get a hint of the mascarpone base. Once I cleared off that chocolate chip section, I was able to sample some of the mascarpone gelato was well as the strawberry sauce. The mascarpone gelato had a nice mild flavor to it. It's like a ricotta type cheese in a way. Mascarpone is made from cream and usually has some acidic substance added to it. It was pretty tasty and worked well for this type of flavor combo (chocolate and strawberry). I got to some of the strawberry sauce next. This was fantastic! It was nice and sweet with a jam type texture. It was layered a little weird, almost like a parfait, throughout the pint, but it was definitely my favorite part of the entire pint. I kind of mixed up the pint with my spoon to evenly distribute that strawberry sauce so I could get a little in each bite. All the way down the pint, there were plenty of chocolate chips, too...not just a massive pile that you saw on top.

Overall, I thought this pint was good. It was a tad overload on the chocolate chips, especially on the top half of the pint, but that mascarpone base and the strawberry sauce evened them out eventually. And speaking of that strawberry sauce, it was flat out fantastic! They should use that sauce in ALL their pints! It has been the best ingredient I have come across in any Tillamook pint! Good stuff!

Where Timothy Found It: Online Delivery
Timothy's Grade: B

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