Tuesday, April 12, 2016

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Haagen Dazs Vanilla, Tangerine & Shortbread

I was at my local Walmart, and noticed that they had rearranged their ice cream section. They have less of the big brands, and made room for their Sam's Choice brand as well as Three Twins and a couple of other pints, too. I was browsing the Haagen-Dazs section and I noticed a few new flavors that I had never seen before. They are part of the "Destination Series". I decided to pick up a pint of the Vanilla, Tangerine and Shortbread. This ice cream is described as "Collaborating with the small batch artisans at Rare Bird Preserves, we swirl creamy vanilla ice cream with ribbons of sweet-tart tangerine curd and buttery shortbread cookies for an especially delightful tea reminiscent of teatime in the UK." I took it out to my car and dug in.

I removed the lid and noticed the nice white base along with some faint hints of the tangerine swirl. I took a bite and was delighted! I am a huge fan of Haagen-Dazs plain vanilla ice cream (probably my favorite of any brand of vanilla) and that was the main flavor of my first bite. The tangerine was very, very subtle in this pint. It was swirled throughout, but never came to the forefront of flavors. I encountered some of the shortbread pieces within my first few bites and they were fantastic! Some bites had a smooth type texture of shortbread ribbons, while others had little nuggets of chewable shortbread pieces. The pieces provided great texture! After each piece was done, you got the buttery aftertaste of a shortbread cookie. These were one of the better mix ins I have had from Haagen-Dazs. Every so often, I would get a perfect bite with shortbread pieces, enough tangerine, and the great vanilla base to remind me a bit of eating an orange creamsicle popsicle from back in the day. I mowed through that pint pretty quick. This pint seemed "lighter" than a lot of pints, too. It was easy to eat the whole thing.

Overall, I thought it was a great pint! If it had just a bit more tangerine flavor/pieces in it, I think it would be an A rated flavor. For the time being though, since the tangerine flavor was kind of sparse, it gets a high B+ from me. I would definitely buy it again, though! I'm interested in trying out their other Destination Flavors.

Where Timothy Found It: Walmart
Timothy's Grade: B

1 comment:

  1. This was a rather good limited edition from Häagen-Dazs® though you are absolutely spot on that some more citrus flavor in the pint would really hit it out of the park. I think that if actual frozen tangerine or mandarin orange slices were added to this mix, it would be fantastic!


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