Sunday, March 13, 2016

REVIEW: Graeter's Cheese Crown

When my phone is notified of an email from Graeter's Ice Cream, a rush of excitement is usually close to follow. Graeter's has been kind enough to send us samples for the past few years so we can review them for the masses, especially following the release of their sought after limited editions. Examples from the past have been interesting creations such as Jazzberry Cinnamon Crunch and Mint Cookies and Cream, but this most recent may be the best yet. The official title, Cheese Crown, isn't one you'd normally associate with ice cream, but read the description below and you'll be sold.

Graeter's uses a cheese crown danish as inspiration, which brings together cheesecake flavored ice cream with cinnamon sugar pastry pieces and fondant icing flakes. Breakfast pastries are among my personal favorite foods so Cheese Crown already had a head start over the competition. After taking off the top to expose some of the cinnamon sugar bits and pieces of the aforementioned icing flakes, I was quickly scrambling to find a spoon.

In true Greater's fashion, they've packed this pint with more than enough of their top quality mix-ins. The ice cream itself is the first cheesecake inspired base we've had from the French Pot process and it performs at an impressively high level. Cream cheese infused ice creams are naturally more decadent due to the inherent richness, but a super-premium, high-butterfat version takes it to the extreme. Graeter's consistency is a given at this point, but we were still impressed by the high intensity of the cream cheese flavoring. They were not afraid to go big with the boldness; something we almost always appreciate.

Not only was the actual ice cream impressive, but the mix-ins effectively assisted in bringing this flavor to upper echelon level. The bits of pastry were more crunchy cookies than fluffy pastry, but the texture and flavor more than made up for the inaccuracy. Fondant icing flakes were another ingredient that sounded a little strange in ice cream, but ended up finishing off this concept incredibly. The slow melting concentrations of icing perfectly impersonated the frosting drizzle you'd find sitting atop an actual danish. You'll want to visit Graeter's shop online and put together an order for this one. Click on this sentence to see the rest of our Graeter's reviews for other options to put together with Cheese Crown in your next shipment or be like us and stock up on multiple pints of Cheese Crown!

Where I Found It: Graeter's Shop Online
Grade: A


  1. I asked Graeter's, and this is only going to be available in the Midwest and the East Coast, which means I'll never be able to taste this. I'm not made of money, so the online ordering will not be an option.

  2. I just got this. Very good, kind of a cross between cheesecake and a cinnamon roll. The mix ins remind me of the outside 'crust' of the cinnamon roll. Yummy!!!!


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