Monday, March 28, 2016

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Tillamook California Peach Cobbler

Let me start out by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Tillamook products! I love their cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream. Hell, I even went to their factory in Tillamook, Oregon a few years back. They sure do make great dairy products! I was at my local Albertsons the other day, and as usual, I was browsing the ice cream aisle. I saw something that caught my eye! It was Tillamook in a pint! I had never seen this before and had only seen their ice cream in half gallons. To throw another spin on this, I picked up the container and noticed that it was actually frozen custard! Never knew that Tillamook made a frozen custard, so I definitely had to try it out. I went with the "California Peach Cobbler". It is described as, "Madagascar vanilla frozen custard with pieces of sweet California peaches and scrumptious cinnamon-toasted oats." I took it out to my car and dug in. Here is how it was............

First of all, this thing is wrapped very securely. It has a shrink wrap over it, a plastic top closing it, and then even a peel off tin foil lid (like on their yogurts). I got everything opened, and noticed that the top of the pint had a bright white color with a couple of flecks of oats and peaches peeking through. I took a bite and was instantly impressed! Frozen custard is much more "smooth" than ice cream due to the addition of egg yolks. I loved this texture! I got into the pint a little bit and noticed that there were a ton of pieces of peaches all throughout. Personally, I am huge fan of peaches and they are definitely one of my favorite fruits. These peaches were great! Soon after that, I came across some of the oats. These were definitely unique. The texture threw me off just a bit. I'm used to having "candied" like pieces of oats or pie crust, or whatever toppings are usually in a berry ice cream. These were just plain old oats like if you were to dump them out of the Quaker Oats can. They were cinnamon toasted, so they did give them a sweet flavor, but I'm still not sure of how I felt about them. I made my way through the pint, and enjoyed it. I think I would have liked it more if it was just the custard and peaches, or if had a pie crust mixed in instead of the oats.

Overall, I liked it! The frozen custard base was awesome and I am happy to know that Tillamook makes! I saw a few other flavors in the freezer section that I want to try out.

Where Timothy Found It: Albertson's
Timothy's Grade: B


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this flavor. My favorite Tillamook pint, though, remains double peanut butter.

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