Thursday, December 10, 2015

REVIEW: Three Twins Banana Nut Confetti

Plenty of pints of Three Twins Ice Cream have graced the front page of our blog over the last few years, but after reviewing many of their proven favorites, we'd exhausted all of the options we had available locally. That is until I saw a lone pint of Banana Nut Confetti sitting on the shelves at my local Whole Foods. Banana ice creams can be incredible if done correctly, but too often result in an underwhelming experience. This particular flavor was released in March of this year when Three Twins made organic versions of two Ben & Jerry's classics, Cherry Garcia and Chunky Monkey.

The Three Twins Chunky-Monkey competitor boasts the phrase, "we're not monkeying around with this combination of banana, walnuts and chocolate." While we would usually be excited for oversized mix-ins and a thick, super-premium base, this is seemingly more sophisticated. The consistency of Three Twins ice cream isn't heavy on the tongue and does a great job of allowing the flavors to take the forefront. The base is full of sweet banana flavoring and is every bit as effective as the Ben & Jerry's version, but without any of the fatal flaws.

The highlight of this pint however, is the great texture it produces once the bits of broken chocolate and walnuts are involved. The rectangle pieces of frozen solid chocolate used by Ben & Jerry's are about as bad as they come, but Three Twins small shavings add all the chocolate taste you need while still allowing it to melt down at an acceptable rate in order to mesh together with the banana base. Add the slight crunch and nutty flavoring of the walnuts and you've got an above average pint of ice cream. Hopefully even more new-to-us flavors from Three Twins will pop up in the near future.

Where I Found It: Whole Foods
Grade: B

1 comment:

  1. I'll tell you the problem I have with three twins universally. I absolutely love the fact that it's Organic and these days I have essentially shunned all ice cream brands that include any stabilizers or ingredients other than cream, milk, eggs, and sugar. And if Organic all the better. That means Ben n Jerrys is conclusively out for me now even though I was a huge huge fan before. Because of all the gums and carrageenan. Now Three Twins gets oje part of the equation right. No artificial ingredients and its just organic, but sadly it is just a low quality ice cream. They go cheap on ingredients. The thing you will notice in every three twins flavor is that they use a primarily milk base and he ice cream is just weirdly thin, and the fat grams reflect that. Its a cheapy non premium base paired to an Organic ice cream that pretends to be super premium. Now if you think all organics are like this, think again. Actually Three Twins, Double Rainbow and a few other California brands all use Straus milk, but Straus ice cream made by the company itself doesnt have this cheapy base and is much more super premium. So all of this is my attempt to say get Straus not Three Twins if you want organic. Three Twins has a lot more cool flavors but I cant get over the ice cream quality.


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