Monday, December 14, 2015

REVIEW: A McConnell's Christmas, Part 1 of 6 - Salted Caramel Chip

McConnell's has been on our blog many times before, but all reviews have been reader submitted. That is until now. We'd received entirely too many positive reviews to ignore McConnell's any longer. So now we present you with a detailed breakdown of six classic flavors that we'll roll out over the next few weeks. The first of which was their Salted Caramel Chip.

Salted caramel was all the craze a few years ago and has now become a staple in the ice cream industry. The incorporation of chocolate isn't groundbreaking either. But this simple and proven combination of flavors will let us know exactly what we're dealing with. McConnell's website writes, "A uniquely deep and complex salted caramel. Almost toffee-like in flavor, brought together with our stunningly rich mix of cage-free organic eggs, pure cane sugar and fresh, Central Coast, grass-fed milk and cream, then topped-off by our signature, Guittard bittersweet, melted chocolate." By outlining the quality ingredients they've brought together to create their Salted Caramel Chip, it's evident that McConnell's truly cares about what goes inside their ice cream.

The first layer seemed basic at first glance; utilizing an ordinary looking tan-colored base with very small shards of the aforementioned Guittard bittersweet chocolate bits scattered about. As my spoon entered the ice cream, it felt exactly as a super-premium, high-butterfat mix should feel: heavy and slow-melting on the tounge. The only thing better than the consistency was the taste. I've touched on this in some of my other reviews, but bolder flavoring is one of my favorite aspects of exploring these smaller ice cream operations that don't have to appeal to the masses. It allows for more creativity and specialized tastes that you just can't find elsewhere. This salted caramel base is a great example.

The contrasting notes of creamy sweetness and semi-aggressive saltiness create pure bliss. Each bite brings about a complexity that leaves you yearning for another. And if the strong salted caramel base wasn't enough, the high-quality chocolate adds the finishing touch to this top-notch pint of ice cream. The texture and richness the bits of Guittard provide elevated McConnell's Salted Caramel Chip way up our rankings.

Where I Found It: McConnell's Online Store
Grade: A


  1. Love this one. Especially with a good slice of cherry pie. The salt makes it melt down a little faster. Really balanced. And Guittard chocolate is so good you'd want to eat all by itself. Is McC's carried at your local Fresh Market?

    1. Yes, finally it is available at some of my local Fresh Market locations. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the inventory has been compromised. Both of the pints, and some others from other brands, that I've bought from one location were all freezer burnt.


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