Sunday, December 6, 2015

REVIEW: Haagen Dazs Tres Leches Brigadeiro (Artisan Collection)

After enjoying each of the 3 prior pints from the recently released Artisan Collection from Haagen Dazs, we continued our exploration with this carton of Tres Leches Brigadeiro. This particular flavors employed the skills of Paula Barbosa of My Sweet Brigadeiro. Haagen Dazs says, "Paula’s delicious twist on a Brazilian tradition was made even sweeter when she and Häagen-Dazs worked together to create Tres Leches Brigadeiro ice cream."

Coming into this review I wasn't even sure exactly what a brigadeiro was. According to Wikipedia, "The Brigadeiro is made from condensed milk, powdered chocolate, butter and chocolate sprinkles to cover the outside layer. It can be cooked in the oven or the microwave, in the form of individual little balls. It can also be eaten straight from the pot once it is done cooking." Paula sells a wide array of different brigadeiro flavors that are available on her website and had this to say about her first ice cream creation, "The flavor’s idea came from the original 'Happy Couple' Brigadeiro - which combines white and chocolate Brigadeiro and it’s called Casadinho in Portuguese. The new flavor Tres Leches Brigadeiro is a deconstruction of our 'Happy Couple' and combines sweet condensed milk ice cream taste with a swirl made of pure and luscious chocolate Brigadeiro. (Tres Leches is a celebrated Latin American dessert that has sweet condensed milk as its main ingredient)." All this sounds like an excellent inspiration for a new ice cream flavor. With the lid removed to expose an impressive first layer, we were ready to form our own opinions.

The base of this flavor, a condensed milk ice cream, was unique, rich, and had the super-premium consistency we've come to expect from Haagen Dazs. It didn't take long before we were pulling out spoons full of the brigadeiro component, which came in the form of a thick swirl that was involved from top to bottom. Not only was the flavoring of the chocolate sauce impressive, but the crunch of the sprinkles added a nice bit of texture to bring this flavor full circle. Add another high score for the Artisan Collection from Haagen Dazs.

Where I Found It: Publix
Grade: A

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