Friday, July 17, 2015

Tea-rrific Ice Cream Taste Test - Ginger Matcha, London Mist, ChunkyLondon Mist, Chamomile, Lavender's Blueberry, and Masala Chai

Over the past few months, we're received a few Reader Review that have covered a few of the currently available flavors from a brand called Tea-rrific. At Tea-rrific their goal is simple, "to craft the finest all-natural tea-infused ice cream using only the best ingredients sourced locally and from around the globe and without any of the gums, stabilizers or preservatives that have no place in great ice cream…keeping it simple while delivering a distinctly delicious ice cream experience that is flavorful, clean off the palate and leaves you wanting more!"

Once we'd decided it was time to try some of these tea-infused creations, we patiently awaited our shipment containing their current lineup of flavors. On arrival day, we quickly tore into the Styrofoam cooler to examine the cartons (and play with the dry ice). After giving everything ample thaw time, we started our taste test in no particular order. Before we get started, I'll say that these are full-fat ice creams, meaning the calories are high, but the super-smooth consistency is well-worth it. My thoughts on each flavor is as follows and were done in no particular order:

Ginger Matcha: A sweet bite of fresh ginger perfectly balanced with delicate grassy notes of premium Matcha green tea.

This flavor was perhaps the hardest to get used to out of the entire bunch. Being the first sample I had, I was very impressed with the consistency of Tea-rrific's ice cream, but didn't have much time to think about it before the flavoring took over my attention. The taste of fresh ginger is a taste I've acquired over time, and pairs well with the matcha green tea, but the result is something that only some will fully appreciate. While I enjoyed bite after bite, this is probably best to explore in small amounts and only worth picking up if you're investing in their entire six flavor rotation. If your taste buds are more adventurous however, and you're a fan of ginger and matcha green tea, this might be an A-rated flavor for you.

Grade: C

London Mist: The malty and citrusy notes of Earl Grey tea enhanced with a hint of vanilla.

While the name London Mist doesn't necessarily scream ice cream, I was pleasantly surprised by this pint. The description makes it sound like something you'd enjoy on a cold, rainy evening, but the truth is, that you can enjoy this any time. Considering these creations are inspired by tea, most of the flavor profiles are ones I'd never experienced before, which is always exciting. Just as the carton says, the hints of malt, citrus and vanilla all become evident as the super-premium base breaks down. Who knew that Earl Grey tea could make an above average ice cream?

Grade: B

Chunky London Mist: The malty and citrusy notes of Earl Grey tea with a hint of vanilla, rich semi-sweet Belgian chocolate flakes and buttery roasted pecan chunks.

Here's where things got good. After enjoying the previous pint of London Mist, I moved straight on to Chunky London Mist. This dark brown colored carton builds on the previous base by adding a few high-quality mix-ins. The simple addition of Belgian chocolate flakes and soft pecans give each spoon full of Tea-rrific's base some much needed texture. While I'm not sure what would have paired well with an Earl Gray base, Tea-rrific did an excellent job with their choices as shown by their first A-rated pint of ice cream.

Grade: A

Chamomile: Notes of apple and honey from Egyptian chamomile flowers.

I've enjoyed chamomile tea on a few occasions over my life, but none of those have times have I thought that it would translate into a successful ice cream. Wrong. The spoon full of unassuming looking ice cream above ended up being the best of the whole bunch. Tea-rrific fuses apple and honey flavoring into a top-notch ice cream mix to produce one of the best pints we've had that doesn't feature any mix-ins. While some of these flavors should be enjoyed in moderation, Tea-rrific's Chamomile was hard not to polish off all four servings in one sitting.

Grade: A

Lavender's Blueberry: Sweet floral blend of black tea and lavender with a fresh blueberry puree.

Judging solely off looks, Lavender's Blueberry would have probably been my guess for best flavor. Even the description sounds delightful. Unfortunately, the taste of lavender did not agree with my taste buds in ice cream form. The blueberry seems to get lost a bit aside from the beautiful hue it adds to the base. With how great some of the others taste, I'd suggest doubling up on some of flavors above (and below).

Grade: D 

Masala Chai: A warm blend of Assam black and rooibos teas with sweet aromatic and peppery spices.

Traditional chai tea is the type I'm probably most familiar with out of this shipment, so I was eager to sample this selection. Just as expected, Tea-rrific hits the nail on the head with this one. The levels of spice is well-balanced and the ice cream itself feels great on the tongue. The result is a very nice interpretation of the masala chai beverage in ice cream form.

Grade: B

We urge you to place an order at if you're interested in trying any of the flavors above. 

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