Thursday, July 2, 2015

READER REVIEW: Matthew's Review of Handel's Hand Packed Cake Batter

I have been meaning to try Handel's ever since I found out there are two in this part of Indianapolis that I moved to a few months ago. Heck, one is right next door to my gym! Yesterday, on the way home form work, I made the decision to swing by and see what flavors were rotating right now. I had my heart set on the Caramel Pretzel, but unfortunately it's currently not on menu. Several caught my eye, but there were a few I saw that Handel's had been gracious enough to email me nutritional info on a few weeks prior. One being a personal favorite flavor of mine: Cake Batter. The girl behind the counter was sweet and courteous. I literally almost salivated when I saw the amount of dense ice cream they were packing into my pint! I quickly drove home in hopes I wouldn't have any refreezing issues.

This morning after my workout, I sped home in excitement to try my first offering from Handel's. I cracked open the pint. No refreeze, awesome. Not much to see, as this flavor does not have a swirl or mix-ins. I smelled the pint (you may find this odd, but I feel like smell is a factor in the experience) and the aroma is wonderful. I quickly tried a spoonful in my impatience. Wow. This is going to be good.

For nostalgia purposes, I put some sprinkles on top and then tore into my pint.

This flavor is perfect. I've tried a lot of cake batter ice creams. This is the best I've had. It doesn't need a swirl or mixins (which is surprising, because I am normally HUGE on mixins). The base is smooth, creamy, and tastes exactly like cake batter. Somehow, without being TOO sweet. This is an easy A. I will be going back to Handel's in the coming month to try other flavors. Absolutely amazing experience.

Where Matthew Found It: Handel's Scoop Shop (Westfield, IN)
Matthew's Grade: A

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