Monday, June 1, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of McConnell's Toasted Coconut Almond Chip

I purchased this pint about a week ago and was just getting to it today. McConnell's ice cream is definitely some of the best out there. Don't even dare get it if you are on a diet though! Their rich flavors are usually around 1200 calories a pint which is significantly more than even most "premium" ice creams. Nothing wrong with that though. The mouth feel and the awesome base of their ice creams provide pure joy. Well worth the caloric intake! I like coconut, I like almonds and I like chocolate chips. Sounded like a winner, right?

Toasted Coconut Almond Chip is described as "Shredded coconut, toasted to caramelized perfection, crunchy, salt-roasted almonds and our signature, Guittard bittersweet, melted chocolate chip, mated to fresh, California Central Coast, grass-fed milk & cream". Here is how it was............

I took the lid off the pint and noticed that there was a lot going on. I could see tons of flecks and specks of different ingredients. I dug in and took a bite. The first bite in, I have to say, I was not super impressed. The base was a little bit icy and not as smooth as McConnell's usually is. I got some pieces of toasted coconut, an almond and then a ton of their chocolate chips. The coconut was ok. The pieces of coconut were pretty small but provided good texture at least. McConnell's almonds are always crunchy and great! The best part of this pint though was the chocolate chips. They are more of a chocolate shaving than an actual piece of chip. The way they hack these things up is fantastic. Within every bite you got some texture and richness of the chocolate. This pint was incredibly "busy". Every bite was similar and it provided a unique texture since there were so many things in there (coconut flakes, fair amount of almonds, tons and tons of chocolate shavings "chips"). It was almost a tad overkill though because I couldn't really enjoy the base ice cream that well.

Overall, this pint was just alright. The chocolate chips and almonds were great but the coconut and the somewhat icy base could have been better.

Where Timothy Found It: Whole Foods
Timothy's Grade: C

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