Monday, June 8, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Mint Chocolate Cookie

I love mint chip ice cream. Give me some of the green colored ice cream with chocolate shavings in it, and I am a happy man. It is also one of the first ice cream flavors I can remember eating as a kid (vanilla swiss almond and mint chip). I was excited to try out New Orleans version of their mint ice cream. Mint Chocolate Cookie is described as "Mint Chocolate Cookies & Chocolate Flakes Crackle Through Our Mint Ice Cream". They also donate a portion of each pint to the "Make It Right Foundation" which helps rebuild the lower 9th ward! Pretty cool if you ask me!

I opened the pint and noticed the white base with a bunch of chocolate flakes peeking through the top. I took a small bite and tasted the mint ice cream first. It was very good. It was not an overpowering mint flavor but definitely nice and cool and rather sweet too. My next bite in, I got to the mix ins. I encountered little round balls of what turned out to be the mint chocolate cookies. They provided a slight crunch like a malt ball but then were easily chewed/dissolved like a cookie should break down. My mom had some of the pint with me and she compared the taste of the cookies similar to Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies. This pint was packed with those cookie balls as well as a ton of chocolate flakes. This pint also had a secret weapon to it. During my first few bites, I noticed something kind of crunchy and a different texture than the chocolate and cookies. It was almost like real thin slivers of a candy cane. The texture was definitely unique. It was kind of "gritty" but in a good way. I will have to email Adrian and ask what exactly those shavings/crispy little bits were. Whatever they used to create that texture and flavor, it worked extremely well!

Overall, I was very satisfied with this pint. It was one of my favorite flavors of theirs I have sampled so far. My mom and wife were raving about it too (My wife doesn't even like mint stuff, so if she gave it the thumbs up, it must have been awesome!). The sweet mint ice cream, tons of chocolate and cookies and that mystery texture make this pint fantastic! I would highly recommend it!

Where Timothy Found It:
Timothy's Grade: A

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