Monday, June 1, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of New Orleans Ice Cream Co. Satsuma Dreamsicle

So, I was browsing my freezer and there were lots of options! I wasn't really in the mood for a rich, mix in filled pint tonight so I decided to try out a more mellow, "lighter" flavor. This pint stood out too (great orange color, funky artwork). ​​​​​​​​ I have always been a big fan of orange creamsicles and this pint of Satsuma Dreamsicle sounded like a winner. This pint is described as "Satsuma, The Crescent City's Favorite Citrus, Is Blended And Swirled Into Our Rich Vanilla Bean Ice Cream". I had never heard of Satsuma before tonight. Turns out its a small citrus closely resembling a tangerine. It was brought over from Asia by the Jesuits in the 18th Century and planted down South. (Thank you Wikipedia!) I was ready to sample it for myself.

I took the lid off the pint and noticed a fluffy white base with orange swirls mixed in. I took a whiff of the pint and it had a sweet tangerine smell. I noticed that the vanilla base looked more like a frozen whipped cream rather than a dense ice cream. I glanced at the back of the pint and noticed that it was a "lighter" offering (at least compared to other flavors). The whole pint came in at only 600 calories. I took a bite and it tasted exactly like an old school orange creamsicle! I took another bite and encountered some smashed up pulpy bits of the satsuma fruit. These little shreds had a texture of coconut and provided a little gritty chew to the pint. Bite after bite was the same thing. I finished the pint pretty quick.

Overall, if you like the flavor of orange creamsicles, this is your pint. It will take you back. This pint was not the most exciting pint New Orleans Ice Cream Company offers, but it is simple, tastes exactly like what they were going for plus it's not too heavy. I don't think I would buy this pint again but I would eat some of it if someone served it to me. It would be good if I was in a citrus mood on a hot summer day.

Where Timothy Found It: Ice Cream Source
Timothy's Grade: C

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