Wednesday, June 3, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Jeni's Brown Butter Almond Brittle

I was in Scottsdale eating some pizza (Pomo Pizza...3 locations in the Phoenix area, all of them make great Neapolitan style pizzas btw), and was near a Whole Foods. After I was done having lunch, I decided to drive over and browse their ice cream section. Honestly, I was a little disappointed at this Whole Foods. They were out of a lot of different flavors of different brands of ice cream. As I was browsing, my eyes hit about mid shelf. Is this true? Could this be? Jeni's ice cream back on the shelves? This was the only flavor of Jeni's that I saw and I decided to grab it. I had never had Jeni's ice cream before and was excited to try it out. $11.99 a pint is by far the most expensive container of ice cream I have ever purchased. Would it be worth it? You will soon find out!

I went with Jeni's Brown Butter Almond Brittle. From their website, it is described as" An olden flavor made new. Brown-butter-and-toasted-almond candy crushed into a vanilla buttercream ice cream with honey. Inspired by the Scandinavian dessert krokan (caramelized sugar with butter and almonds), which was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory author Roald Dahl’s favorite treat". It sounded pretty legit and I was excited to try it out. I took it out to my car and dug in. Here is how it was..............

I liked the packaging it came in. Its a plastic tub of ice cream. I removed the lid and noticed the white base with a few little flecks of brown peeking through. I took a bite of the base and liked how rich and smooth it was. In that first bite, I got a little pocket of gooey swirl as well as some of the almonds. The butter flavor of the ice cream was mellow yet definitely present. The almonds were a little soft and not as crunchy as I prefer. They still tasted ok though and provided a decent texture. After my first bite, I got a weird/unique aftertaste. It tasted like almonds in their purest form. Most people are used to some kind of roasted or salted almond. This aftertaste was like if you cracked open an almond from grandmas bowl of mixed nuts during the holidays. It is a very distinct taste and almost taste like a bit of an almond liqueur...a little amaretto maybe? It wasn't bad per say, but it kind of lingered and not in a good way. As I made my way through the pint, I encountered the almond brittle. This was my favorite part of the pint! I counted 4 HUGE chunks of this stuff in the pint. They were large sized chunks of brittle that were crunchy, salty and sweet all in one. I wish there were more of them in there, but the pieces that I did get, the awesome taste/texture of them made up for the lack of actual pieces of them in the rest of the pint. The pint did have tiny bits of brittle throughout, but they were overlooked by my taste buds. Those huge chunks of brittle though, by far one of the best mix ins I have encountered so far! I wish the pint had 2 to 3 times the amount of those pieces!

Overall, I thought the pint was good but not amazing. The buttery flavor of the base was alright but that almond aftertaste wasn't my favorite. The brittle chunks were awesome, but the price of this pint really kills it. $11.99 for a pint is way out of my price range to enjoy all the time. For that price, you can get 3-4 pints of some "good" ice cream or 2 pints of some "great" ice cream from other brands. Sadly, I don't think I can afford to try out their other flavors!

Where Timothy Found It: Whole Foods
Timothy's Grade: C

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