Thursday, June 18, 2015

READER REVIEW: Matthew's Review of Velvet Buckeye Classic

I pass by Velvet ice cream brand in nearly every store or gas station I go into here in Indianapolis area. But I've never bothered to try it. I assumed the quality couldn't be that great if it was being sold in gas station ice cream bins. The last few days, I've noticed the flavor Buckeye Classic hanging around in the Speedway right down the street from me. As a peanut butter fan, this intrigued me. So, yesterday while on lunch, I was bored and decided to look up info on the company. Come to find out, they're based out of Ohio, similar to Graeter's, and apparently have a good reputation here in the Midwest. Pictures I saw online sold me. This stuff looked decent enough to try. On the way home, I grabbed a pint from the Speedway and threw it in my freezer for this morning before my workout.

On to the review.

I pop the top. Wow, the smell from this pint is wonderful. Peanut butter immediately fills my nostrils. I spy the chocolate chunks and get excited. Time to dive in.

Two bites in, my initial thought is that even if I didn't get any mixins with this pint, the peanut butter base is delicious enough to stand alone. But then, I spot Buckeyes poking out. I single one out. It is everything I remember about the famous peanut butter and chocolate candy while growing up. Even cold, the peanut butter manages to be creamy on the tongue. I set one aside on the lid to test in a few minutes when it's thawed some, then move to a chocolate chunk.

These chunks are pretty big. Not Graeter's huge, but definitely larger than average. As the chocolate melts in my mouth, I can't help but wonder what to comment on. The chocolate is good. But I find it difficult to describe. It's a great balance of a moderate cocoa punch with a sweet end.

I go back to the thawed buckeye candy piece I allowed to thaw. It's equally wonderful as it was cold. There wasn't much left for me to try and deduce, so I promptly destroyed the pint.

This is an easy pick up if you enjoy peanut butter. Strong peanut butter base, great mix ins, good chocolate, and insanely good buckeye pieces. I will be exploring their other flavors in time.

Where Matthew Found It: Speedway Gas Station
Matthew's Grade: A

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