Tuesday, June 9, 2015

READER REVIEW: Caitlin's Review of Julie's Organic Vanilla

After being one of the lucky individuals chosen from this website to receive a free coupon from some wonderful man named Timothy to try any version of Julie's Organic products, I decided to review Julie's Organic Vanilla Ice Cream. I used their store locator from their website and originally went to Wegman's hoping to find a non-dairy version of their frozen desserts since I've had positive experiences with other non-dairy brands, but they only carried sorbet. I'm sorry, but sorbet will never be ice cream in my opinion nor a close enough substitute for it; therefore, me reviewing one of those hardly would have been fair at all to this company. My next stop was Safeway, which carried only their ice cream bars and sandwiches; unfortunately I prefer pints, so I walked out again empty handed. Last but not least I finally found some actual ice cream pints at my local David's Natural Market store (which wasn't even a result on the product locator so I was genuinely surprised to see it here). They didn't carry any non-dairy versions so I decided to settle for the next best thing: Vanilla Ice Cream. I suppose going back to the basics is one sure way to test the true potential of any ice cream brand, right?

Each pint of their ice creams (David's carried Chocolate, Mocha Java, and Vanilla) is priced at $5.89, but again, I had a coupon and paid absolutely nothing - not even tax!

The pint is quite fancy, and the ingredients are short and recognizable. Upon opening the pint, I noticed a slight yellow hue to the ice cream and a clean vanilla scent (although it wasn't remarkably strong by any means).

The texture was a little icy around the top (perhaps just from the store's refrigeration), but as I dug further down it was much softer. It wasn't dense, but was instead the perfect balance between hard and soft. After taking my first spoonful, it was just about impossible to ignore the vanilla flavoring in this pint. The taste is so much more prominent than the smell! Very clean vanilla milk taste with an aftertaste of vanilla that's sure to linger around the mouth for a while. At first it was too much as I'm not used to any ice cream brand using such a strong vanilla flavor, but the more I ate it the more it inevitably grew on me until I found myself beginning to love it. I'm starting to lose my words the more I review this because the vanilla flavoring is just so incredibly strong that I'm blown away, really, although I wouldn't classify this as being overly sweet by any means. Just strong, really strong. I wish I had more exciting pictures and statements, but without mix-ins it's really hard to elaborate on how great this ice cream is, because there's only one word I can think of the entire time I take another spoonful: VANILLA.

As far as plain vanilla ice cream goes, this one certainly will not disappoint and is easily my new favorite. You can tell the ingredients are pure and everything goes together extremely well. If it weren't for the fact that each serving is so caloric (it's a full fat ice cream), I would have no problem eating the entire pint.

I would recommend this if you're a fan of vanilla and are in the market for a high quality ice cream. At the price point of $5.89 I would have never originally bought this over something like Ben & Jerry's, but the more I eat it the more I realize I'll probably purchase a few more after all. I'm really curious about how their other flavors hold up in comparison. I must find a non-dairy pint. I must try their Chocolate. Why did I not try their Mocha Java?

Coming from someone who prefers their desserts to be either really sweet or really strong tasting, Julie's certainly did not let me down on this one! This ice cream gets a solid A from me!

Where Did Caitlin Find It: David's Natural Market
Caitlin's Grade: A

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