Friday, June 26, 2015

READER REVIEW: Caitlin's Review of Arctic Classic Cookies and Cream

When some people think about ice cream, they may find themselves lost in some day dream about a super luxurious, organic, all natural ice cream brand they turn to for comfort during times of need. I, on the other hand, think of ice cream as a dirty little secret I turn to for comfort when I've hit rock bottom, and let's be honest, rock bottom isn't always pretty. This is exactly why I've decided to do what it appears no one (correct me if I'm wrong) has dared to do on this website yet: review an ice cream brand from a retailer most people wouldn't even think of to buy edible foods from; this retailer is the Dollar Tree.

So how much was this "ice cream" (I put it in quotes because the container actually says in very small letters that it's a frozen dairy dessert) then? Simple: $1.00 (no tax). I'm not too skilled with weight conversions, but whereas you'll find some ice creams are sold in a pint, this one says it's 24 fl oz. Still, a lot better than paying $5+ for a higher end brand, but can it compare? Honestly, I didn't think much of the Dollar Tree until I discovered they sell Tiramisu and after purchasing it one day I found out it was actually really delicious. I've also tried a self heating canned coffee beverage from here and couldn't keep it down, worrying from the taste that I've just poisoned myself with toxic metals (but that's another story).

Anyways, this ice cream seems harmless enough. 90 calories per serving makes it seem like a surprisingly smart decision for those not just trying to save money, but watching their weight, too. 90 calories also makes me a little scared that this will taste more like ice mush.

As I was scooping it, I noticed even more cookie pieces throughout it. However, I couldn't be more disappointed with the texture. It reminded me of freezer burnt ice cream; although the top was soft, the deeper I dug the more dry and gritty it appeared.

The taste is out of this world though, I was not expecting this! My first bite was a chunk of cream that tasted EXACTLY like the inside of an Oreo, and I didn't even see it coming since it blended in with the white base. Spoon after spoonful, whatever part of this ice cream that wasn't a chunk of cream tasted just like it until you found another soft piece. The cookie pieces also had a surprisingly rich chocolate taste to them and they were very gooey and palatable, melting almost instantaneously when coming in contact with the tongue. While going back for spoonful after spoonful, I can hardly resist myself from cringing from the freezer burnt feel, but then once I taste it the mouth feel is just incredible as all the flavors and textures combine into the most amazing experience I wouldn't expect from a Dollar Tree ice cream. Seriously, this stuff has even more hidden chunks of cream than it does cookie pieces. The mix-ins seem even more prevalent than some of the Ben & Jerry's pints I've had in the past, which seem to be either hit or miss for me. As I near the bottom of my bowl, I notice the melted ice cream seems a little bit foamy, but the flavor makes it impossible to resist licking it clean. This may not be the most visually appealing dessert to dish out for guests, but as far as flavor goes, it's won over a tiny spot of my freezer space.

All in all, I give this frozen dairy dessert a B rating. Between the price and (especially) the taste, I would have given it an A, but I'll keep that reserved for if they make it more dense and creamy like real ice cream should be. I remember also seeing a Vanilla flavor on the shelf, so I'll definitely be going back to try that one next (though I may not review it), but I'm definitely happy I chose this one to try first since I do enjoy Cookies and Cream ice cream very much ever since my parents started making a homemade version with an entire pack of Double Stuffed Oreos. This, my dear friends, has the same taste and features the same amounts of cream chunks as that ice cream. I also didn't notice any partially hydrogenated oils (trans fats) on the ingredients list, so I have to give them some credit for that, as well! For only 90 calories per serving, this is definitely a lot better than some of the other lower calorie "frozen dairy desserts" I've tried in the past (cough cough, Arctic Zero).

If you're craving Cookies and Cream ice cream, you absolutely must give this a try if you happen to notice it in your local Dollar Tree. I live in Maryland so I'm not sure if it's only in certain locations or not, but if you find another brand you should consider trying that one and reviewing it to see if it's also a hidden jewel among frozen dairy desserts!

Where Caitlin Found It: Dollar Tree
Caitlin's Grade: B


  1. It's refreshing to read a review of a dessert that has the trifecta: low-calorie, great value, and delicious taste!

  2. Technically, it isn't ice cream though, the main ingredient is water and on the carton you never see the words "ice cream", but rather "frozen dairy dessert" lol

  3. I just bought some and looked at your review before I tried it. I thought it was good, only $1. The Dollar Tree rocks - my favorite store!

  4. Tried it. Very delicious especially for the price ($1). It's creamy and the cookie parts have the intense melt-in-the-mouth taste of chocolate.
    I am also glad that it doesn't have so many calories.
    However, the bottom part wasn't as creamy as the top. It tasted like slush or ice shavings.


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