Sunday, May 24, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of McConnell's Eureka Lemon & Marionberies

If you have read my previous reviews, you know that McConnell's and I go way back. When I think about Santa Barbara, I think about McConnell's and The Habit (Burger joint that originated up there...really good by the way if you haven't tried them out). I usually get my ice cream from the big box stores but recently have been seeking out specialty stores in order to find a wider variety. I was extremely happy when I found McConnell's at a few stores in Phoenix and it was like meeting up with an old friend. We were back together, at last!

I was at Whole Foods today and decided to buy a pint. They were kind of low on inventory due to having them on sale this week ($5.99 a pint which is a killer deal for this premium ice cream!). I had a great pint of lemon ice cream last week from Three Twins, saw this pint of Eureka Lemon & Marionberries and decided to give it a shot. It is described as "Glorious, picked at their prime Oregon marionberries, cooked to a jammy perfection and folded into tart and tangy, Eureka lemon-infused California Central Coast, grass-fed milk & cream". I took it home and dug in. Here is how it was......

I peeled off the lid and noticed a bright red/pink coloring with a little white splashed in for good measure. I took a bite of the ice cream and made a sour face! This ice cream is definitely packed with a lemon punch! It was incredibly tart and tasted like a lemon Italian ice. The pure creaminess of McConnell's base shined through though and once that initial punch of lemon went away, the smooth, creamy ice cream took over. I could not detect the marionberries at first just because the lemon flavor was really overpowering. A bit too much for my liking. It was not bad per say, just be sure that you are in the mood for a strong lemon taste before you choose this pint. The marionberries are swirled throughout the pint and you can easily see them due to the sheer contrast of colors between them and the ice cream. I finally got to enjoy some of the marionberry flavor when I found a huge pocket of swirl. The marionberry swirls were a little bit icy to the touch, but they jelled up and tasted great once it hit your mouth. These berries provided just a tad of sweetness to this pint and were a necessity to even out that tart lemon flavor.

Overall, I ate the whole pint but it was not my favorite. The lemon base was too much for my taste buds. It was definitely a unique flavor and the marionberry swirls were tasty. I'm definitely not rushing back to buy this pint again, but if you are a fan of tart lemony things, you definitely should check it out. You may love it!

Where Timothy Found It: Whole Foods
Timothy's Grade: C

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