Thursday, May 21, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Talenti Caramel Cookie Crunch

I had a pint of Talenti’s Caramel Apple Pie Gelato a few weeks back and found some aspects of it delicious (base and caramel), while other aspects of it (apples) not so delicious. I was in the store today and decided to pick up another pint. Caramel Cookie Crunch sounded good. From their website, its described as “It’s Cookies and Cream all grown up and putting its best self forward. We blended a whole bunch of chocolate cookies together and mixed them into our dulce de leche gelato, the luxurious friend any dessert would happily be paired with”. I took the pint out to my car and dug in. Here is how it was………..

I opened the pint and noticed that it was a little icy on top. I could see some specks of cookie pieces as well as a tiny swirl of the caramel. I dug my spoon in and took a bite. The gelato itself was nice and rich. It was white/vanilla in color but the taste of it was of a sweet cream/caramel style ice cream. It was good. The base was the best part of the pint. I soon encountered some of the cookie pieces. These provided just a tiny bit of texture but they were way too blended up to offer any “crunch” per say. I would have liked to have seen bigger chunks of cookies. These little teeny pieces didn't work well. I kept eating the pint and noticed that the caramel portion of the pint was a little bit skimp too. I only hit 2 or 3 little pockets of caramel. The caramel I did get to, was great! Sadly, there was not much of it throughout the pint. I finished the pint but was left wanting something more.

Overall, this pint was not that great. It was far from horrible but never came close to approaching greatness! The base was really good and that was this pints only saving grace. The cookie pieces were way too small and insignificant and the caramel portion was skimp. I would eat this again if someone served it to me, but I wouldn't buy this flavor again. There are way better Talenti products out there. Skip this one and go with something else.

Where Timothy Found It: Fry's
Timothy's Grade: C

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