Monday, May 18, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of McConnell's Olive Oil & Salted Almonds

I had a dentist appointment this morning at 9 am. I got my teeth cleaned and polished and was out of there by 10:45. What should I do next? Get some ice cream? Sounded like a plan. I was near AJ's Fine Foods and decided to stop in for a pint. I had picked up a pint of McConnell's last week and was in the mood for another one of their flavors. AJ's doesn't carry too many of their flavors (5-6) but one in particular stood out today...the Olive Oil & Salted Almonds! I purchased it, took it out to my car and dug in. Here is how it was...

The pint was described as "(California-grown) Arbequina extra virgin olive oil and Central Valley almonds, salt-roasted to perfection. Califor-ni-yay!". I had never seen an ice cream with olive oil listed as an ingredient before. Interesting to say the least. Hey, at least olive oil is one of the "better" oils out there for you and has actually been shown to have some health benefits. How would this tie into being incorporated into ice cream? Surprisingly, it worked really well!

I took the lid off the pint and I could see a white vanilla base and a ton of almonds peeking through the top layer. I dug my spoon in and got a nice sized bite of the ice cream. The first thing I noticed was the smooth, rich vanilla. It was incredibly creamy and dense. (This pint clocks in at 1240 calories!). I would soon encounter the almonds. The almonds were great! They provided a fantastic crunch and just a little bit of saltiness. This pint was packed full of them! I can't remember ever eating a pint with so many nuts consistently throughout the whole thing. I was impressed. After I crunched some almonds and let the vanilla ice cream melt in my mouth, I got a slight aftertaste. It was a little fruity/nutty all at once. BAM! It was the olive oil. It was not easily detected while eating a mouthful of the ice cream, but after it dissolved, it left an incredible texture/taste on your tongue. It was just enough flavor to let you know that the olive oil was present, but it didn't overpower the pint or anything like that. It was incredibly unique and I enjoyed it immensely. This pint was so simple (milk, sugar, cream, egg yolks, almonds and olive oil), yet so delicious!

Overall, I really enjoyed this pint and it was one of the best I have had in the past month or so. If you love vanilla ice cream and almonds, yet like a little surprise little twist (olive oil), be sure to pick up this pint! It was great! The best McConnell's ice cream I have had yet!

Where Timothy Found It: AJ's Fine Foods
Timothy's Grade: A

1 comment:

  1. BAM is right! I share your enthusiasm.

    I need to re-scoop this soon. Those who enjoy dense, low overrun, decadent ice cream would love this flavor / brand. Also, there is something about the almonds and olive oil that makes me think people who enjoy almond / peanut butter would like this a lot.


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