Monday, May 11, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Steve's Sunday Morning

After some fantastic pints of Strawberry Ricotta and Brooklyn Blackout Cake, I decided to pick up a couple of other pints of Steve's Ice Cream. I got a pint of Salty Caramel and a pint of Sunday Morning. I decided to break open the Sunday Morning pint first. Sunday Morning is described as "Buttered Maple Syrup Ice Cream with Crispy Waffle Pieces". From the name of it, it sort of sounded like a "Caramel Cone" or "Americone Dream" type ice cream. If it was as close to anywhere near as good as those, I would be happy.

I pulled off the lid and the first thing I noticed was the maple syrup swirl on top and around the edges. I took a bite of the ice cream and swirl and it tasted great! The rich base was very unique. You could definitely tell that it was a maple ice cream, but it wasn't overly sweet. I guess that when you say "maple", I instantly think of syrup and super sweetness. This ice cream was incredibly tasty but like I said before, wasn't too sweet. The maple syrup swirl was nice and thin and blended well with the ice cream. During my first few bites, I encountered some of the waffle pieces. Sad to say, they were not good at all! They weren't "crispy" per say. The texture of them was weird...not soggy, but far from crunchy/crisp They tasted a little off, too. I specifically picked out a few waffle pieces without ice cream to try them out and sadly, they disappointed. More than a few bites were totally flavorless and even tasted a little bit freezer burned? They definitely detracted from the pint. Maybe it was just a bad batch of waffle pieces? Who knows.

Overall, the ice cream and swirl were awesome. That in itself gets an A! The waffle pieces were horrible though and that brings this rating down a lot. If you core mix in is bad, that spells trouble. Would I buy it again? Most definitely...mainly just to see if the waffle pieces are better. If they aren't, I couldn't see myself buying this particular flavor again when Steve's has much much better flavors out there. If I just had a bad pint though, and the waffle pieces are awesome next time, then this pint is a definite winner.

Where Timothy Found It: AJ's Fine Foods
Timothy's Grade: C

1 comment:

  1. They aren't. I tried this a while back and the waffle pieces are not soggy, not crispy, but more like a stale chewy. I have also noticed that Steve's is more icy than other brands. Turn off.


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