Tuesday, May 12, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Gelato Fiasco Maine Wild Blueberry Crisp

Me and my girlfriend (now wife) took a trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine in the Summer of 2008. It is beautiful up there and every single meal consisted of a lobster roll and some fried clams. On a few occasions, we wound up with a slice of blueberry pie for dessert. The blueberries up there are great! I was very intrigued when I saw this pint sitting in my Fry’s freezer section. I love blueberries, I love Maine... seemed like a match made in heaven. I purchased the pint, took it out to my car and I dug in.

This pint is described as “Remember blueberry crisp with a scoop on top? Our version has blueberries, crunchy oat streusel, and vanilla gelato. Wow.” I removed the lid and the pint looked a little bit “icy”. I could see the vanilla gelato and the blueberry colors mixed well together. I took a bite and liked the texture. The icy look was just the top layer. As I got into the pint, the soft gelato had a great feel in my mouth and was very refreshing on this hot day. I dug in some more and encountered some of the blueberries next. There were plenty of these little pea sized blueberries throughout the pint. The blueberries were very fresh and just sweet enough. It tasted “natural” and pretty much identical to the description they are going for. Blueberry streusel mixed with gelato. The “crisp” part was more of a swirl. The consistency of the oats was soft and smooth like a soft baked streusel dough. I really enjoyed this pint. It did melt pretty quickly though and I ate it faster than I probably should have. I was sad when I got to the end of the pint. It totally brought back memories of being back in Maine. It was a pretty tasty pint.

If you like blueberries and a natural tasting dessert, this fits the bill. I would definitely eat it again but might not buy it again. $7.49 is a little out of my price range to purchase pints like this on a consistent basis. It was good, but not that good to justify that price.

Where Timothy Found It: Fry's
Timothy's Grade: B

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