Tuesday, May 19, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Ben & Jerry's Phish Food

I'm down with Phish. They are a great band and their music is super mellow! It is very cool that Ben & Jerry's made a Phish Food Flavor. They even donate some of the proceeds in each pint back to the community in Vermont. Good stuff! I had not had a pint of Phish Food in years and kind of forgot how it tasted. I was at Walmart this morning so I decided to pick up a pint. Here is how it was..............

Phish Food is described as "Chocolate Ice Cream with Gooey Marshmallow Swirls, Caramel Swirls & Fudge Fish". I took off the lid and was impressed by the top layer! You could see the chocolate base, the marshmallow swirl,the caramel swirl and even a little piece of fish fudge. I dug my spoon in and got all the flavors at once. The chocolate base was typical of Ben & Jerry's yet in this pint,it wasn't super rich. ​​​​​​​​It's weird how that in certain B&J flavors, the chocolate base is either the overpowering flavor, or in others it just blends in with the other ingredients. In this pint, it blended well with the other things. The caramel swirl was kind of runny. The top half of the pint had more caramel swirls in it than the bottom half. It was good but not too noticeable. The marshmallow swirl was prevalent throughout the pint. It was light and fluffy. The overwhelming flavor/texture of this pint had to have been the fudge fish though. There were a ton of them, pretty much a guarantee of one in every bite. They were good, but not great. For whatever reason, the "fudgy" part of these didn't really shine through. They were like eating plain chocolate chips but in a fish shape. Texture of them was alright, they provided crunch/something to chew on but overall I was not the biggest fan. I would rather have Ben & Jerry's rectangular pieces of fudge over these things. Not even sure if they use the same chocolate/fudge? They tasted different.

Overall, this pint was alright. I would definitely eat it again but I don't know if I would specifically buy it again. It's a middle of the road Ben & Jerry's Flavor. In my opinion, there are definitely better chocolate Ben & Jerry's flavors out there. But, if you like chocolate chips, chocolate ice cream and marshmallows, this would be a good pint to try.

Where Timothy Found It: Walmart
Timothy's Grade: C


  1. If Phish Food gets a "C" then an "A" rated ice cream would probably kill me!

  2. Phish Food is my very favorite flavor, and you know every person has one. So I'm just going to have to kill you because Phish Food gets an A. I have never been disappointed with any pint I have ever had. Can't imagine the fudge fish tasting like regular chocolate chips....never happened. I love the way the caramel has a separate texture which makes Ben & Jerry's GREAT, and the OH SO GOOEY marshmallow that is a happening all by it self. Soooooo Timothy, as I said, every person has a favorite, but we will see what the future has to hold. With so many ideas that are out there, there just may be a new favorite around the corner, but it'll have to be spectacular.


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