Tuesday, May 19, 2015

READER REVIEW: Ryan J's Review of Steve's Speculoos Cookie Butter

Continuing my quest to find the new flavors of Steve's ice cream, I manage to snag one of the ten at a natural/alternative grocery in town. Speculoos Cookie Butter is only the second of the ten new flavors that I've been able to find since their release in March. The first was Blackberry Crumble which I reviewed a while back. I suspected Speculoos would be one of the easier finds as the spiced cookies have become trendy lately.

This pint is one of the non-dairy, coconut-based line. This will pose its major flaw. Upon tasting, I was disappointed the flavor of the coconut milk significantly overpowered the flavor of the Speculoos cookie butter. To sum up my initial reaction in one word: "weak." However it did warm up to me during the second taste, after I allowed the scoop to thaw a little bit. The flavor of the cookies became more noticeable when a little melty on the outside.

One thing I did really appreciate about this flavor of Steve's was that the cookie butter was blended in evenly, unlike the maple swirl of "Sunday Morning" - another flavor that was a great let-down for a similar reason. The maple swirl being isolated kept the maple flavor I was anticipating away from the whole of the pint. As if plain vanilla was given a spot of maple here and there to mask a blank flavor. But Steve doesn't quite lack the signature "mix-in" with this pint. There are "specs" (..lol..) of Speculoos cookies hanging around in there. Not many of them, and probably not big enough to motivate you to dig for them, but they're in there... I'd only recommend this if you're lactose-intolerant, because there are stronger Speculoos flavors out there. I sadly give this newborn flavor a C grade. Sorry Steve.

Where Ryan J Found It: Rainbow Blossom (Lexington, KY)
Ryan J's Review: C

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  1. C sounds generous! There are more gums in there than a pouch of big league chew..

    Coconut Cream is a pretty tasty base IMO, too. Would be nice to see to someone come along and really make a great dessert from it (or find out about it if it exists already).


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