Sunday, May 17, 2015

READER REVIEW: Mike's Review of Ben & Jerry's Save Our Swirled

Wow, my first ever review! I had just bought a ton of ice cream at my local store when a couple promos allowed me to essentially buy Ben & Jerry's five at a time for $10. Remember the scene near the end of The Sandlot when they knock over the fence and find dozens of baseballs? Yeah, it was like that. "NOW WE CAN EAT ICE CREAM FOREVER."

So anyway, I wasn't even planning on buying more ice cream until I habitually checked the ice cream aisle at Walmart and saw this shiny new pint staring back at me: Smile for the camera...

Turn around, turn around... Beautiful!

The base and swirls had me sold, but I was confused and intrigued by the chocolate and vanilla “cones" Are they actual pieces of chocolate and vanilla cone? Or cone dipped in chocolate a la Americone Dream? Either way, sign me up!

There's something so satisfying about tearing off the plastic ring. I think its because it means I'm about to eat it.

Upon first whiff, I can detect a hint of raspberry, but overall this pint looks rather unassuming. After the ritualistic taste test from the lid, I can sense the marshmallow is present just by the softer texture of the ice cream. I'm excited!

First scoop, I catch one of the "cones". Turns out I was way off. The "cones" are actually chunks of chocolate and white chocolate, but not the crispy flakey pieces of chocolate like their Chunky Monkey flavor, so there's that. It also seems like a sweeter milk chocolate, but that could just be my tongue playing tricks on me because unfortunately the chocolate and white chocolate is one chunk, and the chocolate dominates over the white chocolate. Maybe if they were separate chunks I'd be more open but so far that was a letdown.

After a couple scoops, I was initially disappointed by lack of raspberry swirls. I eventually found them, and in just the right amount; not too little, and not too much.

It was hard to get a scoop that was just the ice cream itself, but the raspberry base is pretty good. Its mild, and allows the sweet raspberry swirls to compliment it really well. The marshmallow is definitely there and even with a coupe decent sized pockets of it, is was difficult to discern although I'd be worried if I DID taste their marshmallow over anything.

Overall, a great flavor, especially at "only" 250 calories per serving. The raspberry ice cream base and raspberry swirls mix very well and the marshmallow blends well, adding a nice fluff; simple and effective. However, the disappointing "cones" add nothing to the pint in my opinion and if anything kind of detract from the flavor as a whole. It's really the only thing keeping it from an A in my book, but I do think it's one of their best "B" flavors. I will definitely buy this again when I'm jonesing for a sweeter flavor.

Ben & Jerry can try to save the world, but this pint is a goner.

Where Mike A Found It: Walmart
Mike's Grade: B


  1. This flavor is very similar to Berry Voluntary (the TARGET exclusive from a few years back).

  2. My pint had a ton of raspberry and marshmellow swirls, I hate their pints lack consistency of mix ins and swirls and even the cores are far in between. But I agree the chocolate definitely should have been separate cones of chocolate so we could taste the white chocolate. I would have been happy with just white chocolate mix ins. Seems like Ben and Jerry's is determined to put chocolate in every single flavor. Wish their was more flavors like the Butterscotch one and this one. But anyways, great review!


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