Wednesday, April 29, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Steve's Strawberry Ricotta

I had only heard of Steve's ice cream via this very website, but I had never tried it until tonight. Ice cream is my favorite food, and I like trying out new brands that I am unfamiliar with. I sent an email off to Steve's asking for a sample of their product and Amanda was kind enough to send me a coupon to try out their ice cream. I live out in Arizona and I would soon find out that Steve's is hard to find out here in the land of the sun! I pulled up their store locator and found that they sell it at a store close to where I work (AJ's Fine Foods). I headed down there after work, picked up a couple of pints (I also purchased Bklyn coming soon, once I eat it) and brought everything home. I really liked the plastic pints they package their stuff in.

Steve's Strawberry Ricotta is described as "Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Swirled with Ricotta". Steve's strawberry ice cream consists of whole milk, cream, organic sugar and strawberry puree. Throw in a bit of Salvatore BKLYN ricotta cheese, and you have yourself a magical pint!

I opened the lid and caught a whiff of the sweet smell of strawberries! I could see a bunch of the strawberry seeds poking through the ice cream as well as a white swirl (ricotta). I took a bite of the ice cream and instantly fell in love! The smooth texture, the great taste of strawberries and the creaminess of the ricotta were perfect. The strawberry base did not have chunks of strawberries anywhere in it. I did get a tiny little piece of a strawberry in one bite, but 99% of the pint was smooth pureed strawberry goodness! You could definitely tell it was made with quality, natural ingredients. Throughout the pint, as I scraped my spoon across the ice cream, I encountered little pockets of the ricotta. You could definitely tell you hit a ricotta swirl because they were white in color as well as a different texture than the strawberry base. I sampled some bites with just the ricotta in them. Delicious! The ricotta melted in my mouth and gave a subtle hint of that creamy cheese! It kind of reminded me of a cheesecake but less sweet and more savory. The strawberry and ricotta played well off each other and honestly, I don't know if you could have a better flavor combination. This was definitely one of, if not the best strawberry ice cream I have ever had! (The only other contender is the Strawberry Jalapeno Cheesecake from Creole Creamery in New Orleans, LA).

Overall, this pint was amazing! This would be/is a perfect Summer ice cream. I can't think of any better flavor to enjoy on a hot day. It is so simple, refreshing, and delicious. I will definitely buy this flavor again and it will be in my regular rotation! I am excited to try out Steve's other flavors. If they are anywhere as close to as good as this Strawberry Ricotta, they have me as a customer for life!

Where Timothy Found It: AJ's Fine Foods (Glendale, AZ​)
Timothy's Grade: A

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