Thursday, April 16, 2015

READER REVIEW: Timothy's Review of Ben & Jerry's Roasted & Toasted (Walmart Exclusive)

I was at the store browsing the ice cream aisle and I saw a new Ben and Jerry's flavor. It was called "Roasted & Toasted". It is described as "Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Fudge Chunks, Fudge-Covered Roasted Almonds, & A Toasted Marshmallow Swirl". It is pretty rare that you see a dark chocolate ice cream flavor so I knew I had to get it. It must have been a new shipment too. The container was a little bit soft to the touch and I had never seen this flavor on the shelves before. It sounds like it came out sometime in March and is a Walmart "Exclusive".

I took the pint home and dug in! I pulled off the lid and the first thing I noticed was the heavy presence of the marshmallow swirl. I'm not sure if all the marshmallow settled at the top or what, but as I ate more into the pint, the marshmallow became less prevalent. It tasted great while it lasted. The dark chocolate base of the ice cream was incredibly rich and delicious. One bite in and the flavor reminded me of something I had tasted before. I once had a flavor called "Melted Chocolate" from Molly Moon's in Seattle. It tasted identical to a melted Hershey chocolate bar. This ice cream was a dead ringer for that flavor except that instead of milk chocolate, it was a dark chocolate. Imagine a melted Special Dark bar. That is what this base tasted like. It was very good! The mix ins consisted of pieces of fudge (standard Ben and Jerry's rectangle pieces of chocolate) and chocolate coated almonds. They added some texture to the pint but did not standout on their own. The dark chocolate ice cream was the dominant flavor the whole way through. My wife had a taste and said that it was "too rich and sweet". I liked it though and made it through the pint pretty quick.

Not a bad find! If you enjoy "New York Super Fudge Chunk", but with a dark chocolate twist, you would probably like this. The unique melted chocolate flavor of the base will have me purchasing this again sometime in the future. It may not be my favorite Ben and Jerry's flavor ever, but it was still incredibly delicious and a dark chocolate lovers dream!​

Where Timothy Found It: Walmart
Timothy's Grade: B

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