Monday, February 9, 2015

READER REVIEW: Ryan J's Review of Magnolia Lychee & Thai Tea

On my way home from the city the other day I stopped at a branch of the local health food store chain in hopes to see that Steve's "Sunday Morning" flavor had finally come to Louisville. (A branch I rarely visit where I made a request several months ago with no response.) Sadly, still forbidden. No distributor will carry it here. But I did make a different discovery - Magnolia Ice Cream, a line of tropical ice creams inspired by the "flavors of the South Pacific." The unique flavors, simple ingredients and charmingly adventurous packaging art persuaded me to buy two flavors.

The first is a lychee-flavored ice cream. The checkout cashier said he loved this one. At first taste I immediately sensed a hint of a minty flavor. However, mint is nowhere to be found in the ingredients. Does lychee fruit have a minty note? I've never had a lychee fruit before, so I don't know. I considered for a moment that it may be placebo from seeing the image of a crashing wave on the pint along with the word "REFRESHING." So I tasted again, this time focusing on nothing else but the flavor. The mintiness was still there. The fruity flavor comes soon after. One strong attribute to this ice cream is the great texture. It cuts easy by the spoon, but is nice and firm. Within, you'll find little lychee bits scattered here and there. I'd recommend a try and give this ice cream a B grade.

The next pint is a Thai tea-flavored ice cream. If you've ordered this beverage at your nearest Thai restaurant, you know what kind of taste I'm talking about. And though I've just made a big generalization by comparing it to "your nearest Thai restaurant," don't think its humdrum. Its not. Thai tea's comforting sweet, milky and spicy characteristics make it great for an ice cream, and Magnolia did it just right. Even more so than the lychee flavor, this one does not fall short in the creamy department. Its also got the nice firm, but cuttable texture. Together with all these superb characteristics, the gentle and cozy but lively spiced milk flavor is enough to pass on the raves over this ice cream. If you see this at the store, get a pint. This one was done right. I give it the top grade. An A+. Really fantastic.

Where Ryan J Found It: Rainbow Blossom (Louisville, KY)
Ryan's Grade for Magnolia Lychee: B
Ryan's Garde for Magnolia Thai Tea: A

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