Monday, February 2, 2015

READER REVIEW: Ryan J's Review of Halo Top Lemon Cake

Just the other day I made my next visit to the store after the one that led to my purchase of three pints of the disappointing Maple's Gelato. I'm glad to report that most of it is cleared out! Now there is another brand of ice cream pints in its place. So I decided to review one flavor of the replacement and see if it is a step up from the brand that flopped. Halo Top Creamery is based in Los Angeles and markets toward the fitness fanatic. Their "light" ice creams contain less sugar, less calories and more protein. Of their four flavors which were all available to me at the Louisville Earth Fare, I chose the strangest - Lemon Cake. The other three are Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla.

When choosing this flavor, I was under the impression that the lean dessert contained cake piece mix-ins. I am a big fan of ice creams with cake pieces... But removing the lid I found that the ice cream is a homogeneous mixture - meaning it had no mix-ins at all! I felt misled. Though I could've figured that out by paying closer attention to the ingredients, but I only checked to see if it contained bio-engineered corn syrup. It doesn't contain any mutant corn slime, artificial sweeteners or synthetic growth hormones, and those are a few of many reasons why this angel of an ice cream is "topped by a halo" as the container says.

But anyway... Back to the mystery of the phantom cake. I dug my spoon in and found the texture to be almost like halvah or dry coconut butter. Still creamy, its also somewhat crumbly and fluffy (like a heavenly cloud just dense enough for an angel to lay on..) I tasted the spoonful and immediately had a divine revelation as to where the mystery cake might be. Its all cake! Well, the texture is supposed to resemble it. Not so much baked, moist and chewy cake, but rather as if the raw cake flour was mixed into the ice cream on its own. Very interesting and tasty. The lemon flavor was not too strong, so if you like lemon but not sour desserts, this flavor may be gentle enough for you.

Let's talk about what makes this ice cream great for a health nut or someone undertaking a fat/sugar-restrictive diet. In the whole pint, there are 12 grams of fat, 16 grams of sugar and 28 (!!) grams of protein. These numbers are the same for the Strawberry and Vanilla flavors. The Chocolate one has a little more fat. So if your new dietary code has got you chemically imbalanced and down, irritable and cruel to others, and you're about to go mad-Michael Myers because you never come across a touchable dessert... You may have just found yourself a treat!

Finishing off this analysis I'll say I did really like this ice cream. Its delicious and not overly indulgent. The flavor is distinct but not too strong. The formula is fitness-minded and follows the good angel's criteria by sourcing organic lemons and sugars, and keeping out synthetic ingredients. Its also not too bad on the wallet being about $5 a pint - half the price of the growingly infamous Maple's. I give this flavor a B plus. And I would try the other flavors. Welcome to the Louisville Earth Fare, Halo Top. ".....And Maple's Gelato melted in the presence of angels...." - an Ice Cream Revelation

Where Ryan J Found It: Earth Fare
Ryan J's Score: B


  1. Excellent review! When I am not eating whole tubs of Blue Bell, I often do look for dietary treats, and this seems to fit the bill.

  2. thanks, I appreciate finding that one obscure post about EXACTLY what I needed to know :D your review seems promising enough, I think I will buy a pint


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