Monday, November 24, 2014

READER REVIEW: Dave's Review of Ben & Jerry's Cheesecake Brownie

After staring at the freezer section for the better part of a few minutes trying to figure out whether I wanted to dive into Candy Bar Pie for the third week in a row, or try the new Peanut Butter Brownie Sundae, or pick up another Pumpkin Cheesecake...I realized I was craving just that, cheesecake. Low and behold, this flavor caught my eye. Under normal circumstances, I'd pick up one of the much more...I guess I should say "American" Ben & Jerry's pints, anything with peanut butter and 14 different kinds of mix-ins. With the craving of cheesecake on mind, I threw this one in the cart.

Sorry for the first shot! I got curious and went for a spoonful shortly after coming back from the store.

First impressions were nothing but positive. I bit into the base, and oh wow, this reminds me of cheesecake immediately. It's a kind of sweet cheesecake, like you'd get from the Cheesecake Factory, not your Italian Grandmother's or a slice from the local bakery. If you've ever had a cheesecake brownie (like pictured on the pint) it tastes EXACTLY like the cream cheese icing on top. While it is very sweet, the cream and texture of cheese is on point. It melts and sticks to your mouth much more so than any of their other ice creams, save for a peanut swirl. If I had to compare it to another brand, it reminds me of Jeni's sweet cream base in how long it sticks to your tongue.

Now, for the downfall. The brownies. I agree with the ICI review in that their not substantial enough. I'm really glad I had a craving for cheesecake, because I would've been disappointed entirely. I go for Ben and Jerry's *for* the mix-ins, and these small brownies thrown in just seemed unplanned. They lack a bite or grit, so the pint is similar to a classic vanilla or chocolate in texture. The brownies themselves aren't chocolatey enough, and they're too small and too far in between. If they were doubled in quantity, or they chose to use the brownies from Chocolate Fudge Brownie, you'd get the full effect. I think what'd really make this flavor shine is the addition of crust pieces or a fudge swirl even instead of the brownies. They need to just go back and tweak this flavor a bit. That being said, this has excellent potential, and the pint itself surely satisfied a craving. I just couldn't help but feel it needed *something* added, like when you're trying to figure out whether or not to throw the kitchen sink or more salt into a big pot of soup. On second scooping, I added some banana chips for a texture element, and man am I sad I didn't the first time around.

Where Dave Found It: Walmart
Dave's Grade: B

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