Saturday, October 25, 2014

READER REVIEW: Elliot's Review of Trader Joe's Peanut Butter Tracks

Trader Joe's has some fantastic products, some of which are a great value. We make a habit to shop there and love the thrill of uncovering a hidden gem. We've had our eye on the quarts of super premium ice cream for some time, and recently took the plunge with a potential crowd pleaser: Peanut Butter Tracks.

Vanilla ice cream with caramel? Good! Peanut butter cups? Great! what could go wrong? Upon digging into this quart, the sight before me heightened our expectations. See what I mean? Plenty of mix ins. Looks amazing.

It is an ice cream oasis. The cheap, plasticky chocolate coating on the plentiful peanut butter cups is the main downfall of this otherwise unremarkable concoction. It's a shame they didn't use their dark chocolate peanut butter cups, which are quite enjoyable. The vanilla base is mild, and that just makes the experience worse by highlighting the low quality mix ins. The hint of caramel swirl is a non-factor, and regardless, wouldn't be able to save the day. This was a quart we had no interest in finishing. This does not have the chops to compete with your average moose tracks, let alone heavyweights like Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup. Whether or not that is really a fair comparison, let's not pretend that it, along with a myriad of other excellent chocolate peanut butter ice creams, don't exist!

Fortunately since recovering from this stumble we've found other enjoyable selections in the freezer at Trader Joe's we plan to cover in future reviews.

Where Elliot Found It: Trader Joe's
Elliot's Grade: D


  1. I love this review! You anticipated my question: I was looking at those amazing pics and thinking "vanilla ice cream, caramel sauce, and my favorite mix-in, PEANUT BUTTER CUPS, so how can this NOT rate an "A"? And then you explained exactly how it didn't rate anything close to an A! :)

  2. I completely agree, well said. I was so excited about this flavor but it fell wayyyyy short. Trader Joes puts out a lot of delicious branded food but all of their ice cream I've tried so far has been very disappointing.


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