Monday, September 1, 2014

READER REVIEW: Steve's Review of Blue Bell Malt Shoppe

When the Ice Cream Informant posted notice that Blue Bell was releasing a new flavor for September, called Malt Shoppe, I knew I was going to be all over it. Blue Bell describes Malt Shoppe as a tasty chocolate malt ice cream loaded with milk chocolate-covered malted milk balls. Pretty simple, but as a life-long fan of both malt balls and chocolate malt milk shakes, I was excited when I came across a tub of this concoction a few days before the official September release date.

Dipping my spoon into the tub, I quickly realized that one important aspect of this ice cream was going to be positive: It is indeed loaded with malt balls! From the moment the spoon cracks the surface, it will likely collide with one of these malt balls, which litter the ice cream top to bottom. Better still, these are real chocolate-coated malt balls, not flakes or pieces of them. Fully-formed and round, these treats abound, and they taste excellent, just as if someone were to pour a box of malt balls into a tub of ice cream. The balls are not as large as movie theater candy malt balls, but that is no loss, as they are plenty big enough to pack both a rich malted center and a nice coating of chocolate. Equally impressive is the chocolate-malt ice cream. Blue Bell wisely uses a milk chocolate foundation and combines this with a rich malted flavor. When you eat a spoonful that has no malt balls (and these are few and far between!), it does taste like an old-fashioned chocolate milk shake. This chocolate malt base has nice synergy with the mix-in malt balls, creating a pleasurable sensation on the taste buds.

One thing I found out about malt shoppe is that it melts pretty quickly! So if you don't want to end up drinking it with a straw, do not let it sit out for very long. With that caveat, it is clear that Blue Bell has come up with a winning flavor. If you like malt chocolate and malt balls, then you should hasten to try this as soon as possible.

Where Steve Found It: Walmart
Steve's Grade: A


  1. I posted this on another page, but I thought I'd add it here. But I didn't think the Chocolate Malt Ice Cream tasted anything like a chocolate malt. Maybe I got a messed up batch, but it had absolutely no malted milk flavor at all, it just tasted like very bland chocolate ice cream. Luckily, as you pointed out, there are enough of the malted milk balls that the overall product tastes like a chocolate malt. As long as you eat one of the milk balls with each bite. But it would be so much better if the ice cream had a malted milk taste. I had some Chocolate Malt frozen yogurt from Braums a few weeks ago that tastes 1000 times more like a chocolate malt than the ice cream in this.

  2. Brownie, maybe my review is skewed by the fact that the ice cream I ate was pretty well melted. I like to let my ice cream sit out a while to soften it but with this flavor I lost track of time and it sat out too long. So maybe its soupy consistency caused the base to have a pretty strong malted taste to me. I have another tub in the freezer and will eat it without nearly so much melting, and will report back on that. :)

  3. Addendum: After reading Brownie's comment and the official review, I ate another tub of Malt Shoppe to re-evaluate, this time with less melting. The upshot? Wish I could revise my original review, because I was not impressed at all. The malt balls lacked any synergy with the malt base, and I now concur with the official review that the flavor is quite bland overall. I would change my grade to a B- or C+.


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