Sunday, August 17, 2014

READER REVIEW: Steve's Review of Blue Bell Triple Chocolate

I'd never really considered reviewing Blue Bell's Triple Chocolate flavor. It doesn't have any chewable mix-ins and I love mix-ins! But I do love chocolate, and after Blue Bell scored an ace with I ♥ Chocolate earlier this year, I finally realized that this flavor deserved a try. Blue Bell describes Triple Chocolate as a blend of Dutch Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and vanilla ice cream mixed with a rich chocolate sundae sauce. These ingredients seemed enticing enough, so I was pretty eager to give this tub a try.

Opening the lid, I was greeted by a very pleasant sight: The bottom of the lid and the top layer of the ice cream was coated with a thick, chocolate syrupy sauce. This sauce tastes very much like Hershey's chocolate syrup, which is a high compliment from me. Not only did the sauce taste great on its own, it also works very nicely with the assorted ice cream flavors. Basically, if a scoop has a thick dollop of syrup on it, tastes very good. Unfortunately, this initial sighting of sauce proved to be the exception not the rule. Working my way down through the tub, the syrup quantity thinned out considerably. This was bad news, because without the rich chocolate sauce to mask it, the underlying weaknesses of this flavor became apparent. One mistake is combining dutch chocolate with milk chocolate, as these are both mild flavors of chocolate. They proved to be so similar that I could scarcely tell them apart. Blue Bell would have been better served by combining either milk or dutch chocolate with something spicier, like a dark chocolate. Also, the presence of vanilla ice cream in a flavor labeled triple chocolate was somewhat baffling and it does little good here. The vanilla bands are thin, not plentiful enough to combine with the chocolates in a tasteful way. The vanilla is overwhelmed by the chocolate bases and if anything only exacerbates the excessive mildness of them, resulting in blandness.

Hopefully, Blue Bell will soon send this flavor down to the minor leagues and bring back I ♥ Chocolate, with its creamy base and loads of cake and turtle mix-ins. Triple chocolate got its three strikes, and in my opinion, it should be out of here.

Where Steve Found It: Target
Grade: C

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