Wednesday, June 11, 2014

READER REVIEW: Bob's Review of Gelato Fiasco Peanut Butter Straciatella

First of all, this is my first go around with Gelato Fiasco after reading a few reviews regarding this brand. In Columbus, Ohio, I got to scoop up 3 pints which I will review over the next few weeks. Before I bore you let's get right to the chase and see if this lives up to the hype. There has been not a single bad review regarding this flavor.

The gelato's description reads, "Our Peanut Butter Stracciatella Gelato features a stellar combination of seductively smooth freshly ground peanut butter and an equally ambitious crunch of abundant chocolate slivers with a dash of sea salt". As pictured, as soon as the lid is removed you can see the fine peanut butter base combined with little chunks and specks of chocolate. Right away I had high hopes before even digging in. Not to mention they also added a touch of sea salt into the flavoring which I found interesting because salt is utilized to help enhance flavor and I was curious if this would take away from the gelato, but it did the exact opposite and made it stand out.

I was blown away by my first bite. It was basically like the grinders you see at Whole Foods crushing the peanuts up in front of you right to a nut butter but put that into a base and that is what you get. The combination of the salty peanut butter and the extra grit and mix-ins of chocolate make it a killer one-two punch. The peanut butter flavor is very genuine and robust like your scooping straight out of a peanut butter jar with small little flecks of peanuts that are scattered around the gelato.

As you dig through the pint, you start to get more and more of the chocolate and peanut pieces in each bite; along with the overwhelming peanut butter base. The texture of the overall gelato throughout has a great enhancement similar to Talenti and Haagen Dazs but a touch harder (not as soft in my own opinion). I honestly found nothing wrong with this gelato at all. From start to finish it was a very great experience of a brand that I was lucky to run into seeing there is nothing around Erie, PA that carries this (based off their locator on their webpage). You get a very powerful peanut butter base that is like fresh ground up peanut butter, small flecks and chunks of peanuts, great chocolate compliments that are not lacking in size or texture, and not to mention a bit of salt that is there to help enhance the overall peanut butter flavoring.

Where Bob Found It: The Fresh Market
Bob's Grade: A

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