Friday, May 9, 2014

REVIEW: Ben & Jerry's That's My Jam Core

We’ve been a little behind on reviewing the new Core series from Ben & Jerry’s only because we’ve been busy trying tons of new and interesting ice creams from other companies across the country. Earlier this week though, we were able to pick up a pint of That’s My Jam: chocolate & raspberry ice creams with fudge chips & a raspberry core. The first layer looks normal enough, but the surge of raspberry sauce creeping up and out of the center gives plenty hint at what lies beneath.

For the sake of science, we decided to sacrifice our carton to provide this crazy cross sectional shot. Ben & Jerry’s chocolate base is simple, sweet, and well-balanced. The raspberry ice cream immediately reminded of us the black raspberry ice cream in on of our favorite retired flavors, the limited batch Dave Matthews Band Magic Brownies. While the chocolate chips added a little texture, the raspberry core was quite literally the center of attention. Zigzagging from top to bottom, the thick sauce was reminiscent of the jelly you'd smear on toast. Perhaps with some brownies, this could have achieved A status, but without any additional mix-ins, a B was all That’s My Jam could muster.

Where I Found It: Walmart
Grade: B


  1. So far, I just have not been a fan of ANY of the core flavors and especially this one. Surprisingly, even the peanut butter chocolate one. I don't know how to describe that core, other thank plastic tasting gook. I doubt I will purchase any of them again. Quite disappointed!

  2. I was staring at this carton last weekend deciding whether or not to get it and decided not to. After reading your review that reinforced that my gut was correct. I just didn't seem like an interesting enough combo of flavors to justify the purchase. Raspberry jam sound interesting or jam in general, but yeah give us more mix ins!! totally hear yah!!

  3. I'm eating this right now and I'm shockingly disappointed because I've always thought Ben & Jerry could do no wrong. I love their ice creams, but they went off the chart wrong with this one. I can't get past the jam. It's too much, too thick, too overpowering. I like the flavors of the ice cream and fudge chunks. If the jam was a MUCH thinner ribbon it could be good.

  4. It's a lonely world for those who love intense flavors. That's My Jam was one of my favorite new flavors; B & J's tends to lean heavily towards choco-holics who favor safe, traditional flavors. I have to say this just sucks; it's like eating at a nice Indian restaurant, one that doesn't pussy out on the spices, when suddenly the old white geezer sitting behind complains to the waiter that his chicken masala is "too spicy", and believe me, biting down on especially large pepper and gritting your teeth is all you can to do to avoid strangling this man with your table napkin, thugee style, because now you know the next time you eat there your food will taste just as bland and salty as this son-of-a-bitch likes it, because HE'S THE CUSTOMER AND THE CUSTOMER GETS WHAT HE LIKES.


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