Tuesday, April 22, 2014

REVIEW: Three Twins Cookies & Cream

One of the local grocery store chains that our blog consistently visits because of their large selection, Ingles Markets, recently started stocking Three Twins products on their shelves. Along with favorites like Lemon Cookie and their Sea Salted Caramel Ice Cream Sandwiches, they were also offering a flavor a lot of us had been wanting to taste for a while now. Previously unavailable in our area, we would finally get to try Three Twins Cookies & Cream: scrumptious cookies in a Madagascar vanilla base.

After working our way past the new plastic seals that lock on the lids of the pints, we were greeted by a first layer that looked to be more of a chocolate ice cream rather than an organic vanilla. Since it was impossible to miss the bits of chocolate cookie blended in the base, our first taste included both components. The complexity and bold flavoring of the Madagascar vanilla ice cream immediately caught our attention. Easily surpassing the performance of the cookies and cream filling, the dense, slow-melting base alone makes this one worth buying.

The cookies and cream genre is a competitive one, and unfortunately, this one just didn't have enough cookie bits to elevate itself to an A. The largest piece we found was about the size of a quarter, where we've seen near whole cookies from companies like Ben & Jerry's and Graeter's. Then again, Three Twins is more concentrated on the ice cream itself, and not the size of their mix-ins. We're glad to finally see them make their way into yet another grocery store chain on the East Coast.

Where I Found It: Ingles Markets
Grade: B

1 comment:

  1. I have also seen Three Twins pop up around the East Coast more, much to our collective delight. Not the entire catalog of flavors, but it is at least a start.


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