Wednesday, April 9, 2014

REVIEW: Baskin Robbins Pralines 'N Cream

While growing up in North Carolina, family excursions to Baskin Robbins happened every so often, but now, all the stores have disappeared in my area. For that reason, our blog hasn’t been able to cover one of the most recognizable brands of ice cream in America. Lucky for us, Baskin Robbins now offers a wide selection of prepackaged products that they were willing to let us try. Many of their popular flavors were captured in these 14 ounce containers; including the one seen above, Pralines ’N Cream, one of our favorite combinations. This vanilla flavored ice cream with praline-coated pecan pieces & caramel ribbon had no problem peaking our interest once we pulled off the top.

We’re no strangers to caramel sauce, but Baskin Robbins had one of the best we’ve seen. The thick, assertive swirl classically complements the super-premium, high-butterfat vanilla base and gets even better once the praline-coated pecan pieces add even more taste and texture. It’s hard to impress us with basic flavors after all the ice cream we’ve seen, but Baskin Robbins certainly got our attention with this entry.

Where I Found It: Baskin-Robbins
Grade: A


  1. sorry, the gif makes me dizzy :(

  2. I wanted to like this, since this is one of my all-time favorite flavors of B&R ice cream. But, this is not good at all. It is totally different than if you go to B&R and have them hand pack it for you from the big old brown buckets of goodness. I had a feeling it was going to be like the already made quarts you can buy at the shop, and i never liked those either. The texture of the ice cream base is off and has a different mouth feel. I would rather take the time to have them handpack it, it so much better than their pre-packed and now grocery store offering.

  3. I did like this. Pralines and cream is my all time flavor and i was very happy when i tasted the pints. I have been eating Baskin and Robbins since the 60's and this was always the one i went back to. I enjoyed the texture and feel. Maybe you should try it again. It is richer in flavor than the stores.


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