Saturday, April 19, 2014

REVIEW: Baskin Robbins Peanut Butter 'N Chocolate

The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is one we see in ice cream often. That still doesn’t stop us from trying every single variation we can get our hands on. Due to the stiff competition in this category, this should be a suitable test for the new brand of prepackaged products from Baskin Robbins that includes Peanut Butter ’N Chocolate: chocolate ice cream with chunky peanut butter ribbon.

From the very first layer, it’s evident that there’s quite a bit of peanut butter packed into this container. At 250 calories per serving (only 3.5 servings as opposed to 4 from most others), the chocolate portion is full of flavor and melts down slowly. The more ice creams we taste, the more we respect a well made chocolate ice cream. Baskin Robbins is able to create a balanced base that isn’t overpowering, which was appreciated even more when the peanut butter came into play.

If you like chunky peanut butter like we do, Baskin Robbins may have been exactly what you were looking for. By leaving pieces of peanuts in the peanut butter, it’s like two mix-ins in one. The thick stripes work perfectly with the chocolate ice cream to easily elevate this flavor to an A.

Where I Found It: Baskin-Robbins
Grade: A


  1. Awesome. Classic BR flavor. Happy to hear that they're putting out quality stuff beyond their hand packed. Also, appreciate the objectivity - giving credit where it's due, not just to premium brands and premium priced I've creams.

  2. Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite flavor to 'test'. I had forgot about BR...I'll give this one a try.

  3. I am a huge fan of peanut butter and I like it especially when it is mixed with chocolate ice cream. I will give my enthusiastic endorsement of this ice cream; it's really terrific. Really huge chunks of delicious peanut butter...oh, man, there goes my diet ;-)


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