Wednesday, April 16, 2014

READER REVIEW: Bob's Review of Handel's Chocolate Malt With Caramel

After getting a few pints from my brother down in Pittsburgh last week, I wanted to dig back into the Handel's mix seeing as how I find this company very superior when it comes to bases and sometimes mix-ins (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was insane). Chocolate Malt with Caramel was a new flavor. They have a basic Chocolate Malt and Chocolate Cake Batter but they also infused the Caramel into the base and did a great job. Upon cracking the lid, it looks like a lighter chocolate flavor (possibly due to the Caramel and Malt mix into the base). Its rare that Handel's has a basic flavor like this, but again this is a newer flavor and I wanted to test the waters with how good it truly is compared to say a Dark Chocolate from Jeni's, which could be the best on the market.

The first bite reminded me of a whopper with an added caramel swirl or caramel filling in each bite. Handel's did a great job combining a very dense ice cream full of superior flavoring. If you are a ice cream fan that enjoys a lighter chocolate (think swiss) and not a chocolate like a Hershey's bar then this will be right up your alley as far as taste goes. Seeing this pint does not have any mix-ins, there is really not much else to touch on as Handel's does have some killer mix-ins.

Overall, if you are a lighter chocolate fan, that enjoys a true whopper this is a perfect definition of a Chocolate Malt flavored ice cream that has a great caramel blend into the mix. Think about a true milk chocolate, added malt, and again the caramel. That is exactly what this pint has to offer. Seeing I have never had a "Chocolate Malt" ice cream before this was something new and something I wanted to try compared to the Chocolate Cake Batter (which is a darker chocolate on the handel's line) and their basic chocolate flavor which resembles a Hershey's chocolate bar. I was very pleased with this, but if they did include some sort of mix-ins or a denser caramel swirl this would get a better grade.

Where Bob Found It: Handel's
Bob's Grade: B

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